The Lovecats

With all this puppy love, I thought I would give a little shout out to all you cat lovers. I have to admit, cats make an excellent subject for adorable photography. Here are a few of my favorite finds. We missed you hissed the lovecats...


The Type Treatment

My lovely friend Emily V is a genius with typography, which is why I think we work so well together. I love photos + she loves type = match made in design heaven. Today Miss Emily passed on a cool link for inspiration. What do you think of these super cute handmade fonts? I'm pretty classic when it comes to type, but this is fun, refreshing and tasty... à la the toast type. Check out more nutty creations by the Estonia based design company simply called HandMadeFont. You never know, one day I might need a typeface made out of Cheese Whiz, gold bling or helium balloons. Fun times. 


Happy Weekend

Happy weekend peeps. May you sleep in and enjoy a scrumptious brunch with friends. xo 

[Photo by Chloe Dulude]


Tasty Twine

I shouldn't eat macaroons everyday, but they are just so darn pretty and sweet. I think these little Parisian pastries call to me and say, "Eat me. I'm so delightful. I'd be better off in your tummy than on this plate". So what's a girl to do?  How about bringing home of box of handmade crochet macaroons by Brooklyn textile designer Sian Keegan? Besides, I really do want that Lover swimsuit. This could be my best idea yet: The Crochet Diet™. It's not so delicious, but just as satisfying! 

For Sian Keegan's etsy shop click here. Also check out her adorable dog portraits. 



I'm looking for a one piece bathing suit. I totally love love love the new Marc Jacobs swimwear but I'm torn. Lover is one of my favorite lines and boy do they have some super options for the poolside. What I like is that they are a muted neutral colour palette with lingerie inspired lace textures. Who doesn't remember the whole underwear as outerwear craze à la Madonna? Bringing it back baby! Plus there are loads of options from high waisted bikinis, super sex kitten one pieces to the classic string bikini for those who don't have a love affair with cheese and deep fried treats (like me... ahem). I've said it before and I'll say it again: Gym time! 

P.S. Check out MJ's sweet-ass bathing beauty suits here.


Tweet Tweet

Reanna Time is now on Twitter. Yes, I know it was only a matter of time folks! Follow me for daily tweets full of fun links, playlists and general rambles sure to entertain and bring some extra Reanna Time to your tweetin' world.  

Click here to start following and be AMAZED (yes I am being only slightly sarcastic). Ta Da!


There is something tragically beautiful about Martin Klimas crashing ceramic series. I love how these are an edgy, updated version of my grandma's dust collecting knickknacks perched in the dinning room hutch. It's as if Klimas has captured the exact moment of transformation from useless kitsch to something new. Something abstract. Something melancholic and inspiring. 

Click here for more of Martin Klimas' work and portfolio. He has also shot a beautiful series of birds in flight that are equally as dramatic. The doves are my favorite. What are yours?



Summertime and the livin' is easy. This Sunday was spent with my lovely friends, the extra delicious Alphonso mango, dogs, lilacs and bottles of white wine – not in that order and heavy on the wine. I'm convinced every weekend should involve outdoor chillin'. Twist my rubber arm. I vote for an all weekend picnic every weekend. 

As soon as we arrived at Laurier park we were introduced to the world of Pétanque, the French equivalent of lawn bowling meets curling without the ice and silly brooms. But what made Sunday in the park so special was puppy pug's first social outing with our friends. Like a true debutant, he won everyone's hearts. How could he not with such a handsome little face? 

Here are a few photos from the grand event. Days like this make me fall in love with Montreal. What a wonderful way to celebrate my birthday. Thank you to everyone for making it so awesome. xo


May Baby

Happy Birthday to me! Time to celebrate. It's Champagne, lemon cupcakes and picnics all weekend long, because there is no such thing as too much Champagne is there? Check out this awesome vintage birthday photo of me and my g-ma back in the day. Man, I've got a great hair cut (thanks mom for sparing me from the strangely popular mullet and mushroom hair styles). Okay, let's go have fun! Drinks on me! 


Everything is Ok

Times are tough. I've got to roll up my sleeves and get down to business, but that doesn't mean I can't look fashionable at the same time, right? No need to dig out my overalls from 1993 to save a buck. Hell no! Let's not go there. Anyhoo, I recently discovered Oak, one of my favorite boutiques, has launched an affordable online shop aptly named A.Ok. Sweet mamma jamma! With blue slip-ons for men, sexy ripped jeans and zipper skirts for the ladies there is something for everyone on a budget. I guess I can give those overalls to Goodwill, hey? I mean Kris Kross might come back in style – I know some of you might be thinking but they never went out of style. Check out A.Ok instead. 


Today's post is in honor of Mr. M. Jagger, the new addition to team Reanna. Yes the rumors are true, we are proud owners of a new puppy. It's Pug life bitches. To kick off a little dog lovin' have a peek at these insane in the membrane canine speakers by designer Sander Mulder. Described as, "functional kitsch; the wrong becomes the new right" Sander's Woofers are perfect for those with allergies and a good music collection. Okay now would be the time to start singing LilWayne's Man I Miss My Dawgs. 

PS Photos of the puppy are to come. Stay tuned... he's so my new muse.


Pug Life

I've recently been smitten by a certain puppy. Call it Pug love. xo

Esra Røise

Meet Esra Røise, a rad illustrator based in Oslo. Recently her work has been featured in some great magazines like Nylon, Vixen and idN. When I stumbled upon her website, I found Esra's pencil drawings captured something youthful and innocent, but always with a twist. Now that the sun is semi out, it only seems perfect to post one of her popsicle eatin', mask sportin' illustrations. Mmm... speaking of popsicles, who wants one? Me please! 


Paris, je t'aime

I'm so excited. And I just can't hide it. I'm about to loose control and I think I like it. Oh yeah! The count down to Paris begins. In a month I'm heading to France for a grand reunion – Euro styles. I'm expecting two full weeks of cheese, Champaign and Ladurée macaroons. Obviously. Elastic band pants please! I hope this time I won't faint in Versailles (long story but it involves Louis XIV's bedroom. It's oh so glamourous I swear). 

To get into the mood, here is a collection of great Parisian inspired photos. Savourez les! 

P.S. does anyone have any tips while I'm in Paris? I'm also hitting up a bunch of other regions in France so my itinerary is wide open. I have a few stops in mind, but all I really want to do is declare, "Let them eat cake!" 

[Photos links: Karl LagerfeldmacaroonsSofia and Champaign]



What's new pussy cat? I love this photo. 
A perfect vintage blonde + a pink boa = amazing!  

Happy Mondays

According to my BF, nothing is better than a fresh, new pair of colourful socks. Right now my preferred brand is Happy Socks. I can just imagine my favorite fashion bad-ass Chuck Bass sporting a pair of these (obviously coordinated with his equally colourful bow tie). And they are not just for the boys. That's right ladies, you too can have jazzy feet. It's a great way to add a little zip to any outfit. Happy Monday! Happy Socks! 



So it's the long weekend and it's raining outside. Brilliant. To keep from getting cabin fever why not whip up an origami unicorn? Seems simple enough. Okay so you don't have the patience for it. I get it. But if you want to be entertained for more than 5 minutes check out Phillip West's flickr page full of imaginative folded paper creations. He's made everything from Yoda to the abdominal snowman origami. Say what? 

But If you need more instruction then have a peek at This is Origami. I was originally attracted to this project because of the fun package design. Turns out they are empty bags that can be folded into animals (created to support the WWF). One of the bags can be magically turned into a monkey with banana patterned paper. Crazy cute. 

Here's an oldie, but a goodie – a pretty photo of a thousand cranes created for a Red Bull art installation. I just love this photo and the idea of making a zillion hanging cranes. If only I had the time... instead I'll just admire them all until the sun comes out. It should be anytime now. 

1. Folded art by Phillip West (via ffffound)
2. This is Origami designed by Magdalena Czarnecki
3. A thousand cranes. Photo by Coda (via Flickr)


Hey Mr. Postman

When was the last time you wrote a letter? I mean a real one. I think this weekend I might get out some pretty stationery and write someone special a note. It would be amazing if I could get my hands on Gavin Potenza's stamps to make the package complete. Aren't they just the coolest? His homage to the stamp is a lovely letterpress collection of design treats from the land of Helvetica. 

Gavin is a graphic designer working in Portland (probably fueled by Stumptown coffee which I hear is some serious brew). Click here to see more of his work. There is lots of eye candy and inspiration to keep you busy. He also writes on the design blog TSA from time to time. I think you should check it out. Now, go write a letter! 

[via Booooooom]

Buckle Up (part two)

News flash kids! Remember how we all sort of lost our sh*t over Chloe Sevigny's boots a few months ago? Well the lovely people at Opening Ceremony are taking orders. Yes you can strap on your own pair, but pre-orders must be placed by May 20th or die. 

Check out my first "Buckle Up" post here for more shoes that kill. 


Throw Your Hands Up!

Hands up, baby hands up. Gimme your love... Yeah it's Friday and it's a long weekend mang! I feel like a total cliché, but everybody really IS working for the weekend. Here are some pretty photos to inspire some weekend love and creativity. xo

[Photos from la petite fille de faon's photostream via delay procrastinate]

The Birds

I'm loving these bold parrot prints from Surface to Air. They are the result of a recent collaboration between the label and fancy pants photographer Sølve Sundsbø. Hot dog! Or should I say hot parrot? Okay, maybe not. The collection will only be available in 20 stores. One of which is Paristexas in Copenhagen so you'll have to book your flights now if you want some Polly Wanna Cracker action.