Tasty Twine

I shouldn't eat macaroons everyday, but they are just so darn pretty and sweet. I think these little Parisian pastries call to me and say, "Eat me. I'm so delightful. I'd be better off in your tummy than on this plate". So what's a girl to do?  How about bringing home of box of handmade crochet macaroons by Brooklyn textile designer Sian Keegan? Besides, I really do want that Lover swimsuit. This could be my best idea yet: The Crochet Diet™. It's not so delicious, but just as satisfying! 

For Sian Keegan's etsy shop click here. Also check out her adorable dog portraits. 


turdy w. said...

hee hee! cute. i need some of these too.

Emily said...

Cool beans!

Check this out:

My fave is the sushi of course!

Nice find lady!


Reanna said...

Oh Emily, those are awesome. Love the crochet breakfast! Thanks for sharing m'lady.

Sarah said...

Cute. I bet my cat would love this too!