Bag It

Momma's got a brand new bag and a new crush. It's Morelle purses from Amsterdam. They come in delicious sorbet colours like pistachio, coral pink and juicy raspberry. I love that they are handmade and aren't full of do-dads and extra tacky hardware – just simple and clean they way I like it. I'd love to get one, but what colour do you like the best? I could go with a classic grey but you know I always like looking bright and sunny. Decisions. Decisions.



Dallas Shaw said...

I checked it out, I lie the maroon with the bow. cute


Anonymous said...

I Like the Tulip in faded peach and also the over sized bow Morella soft leather

Reanna said...

But did you see the cute mint green tulip on her site? Hello!? But yeah, the marroon with bow is adorable. Ekkk! I can't decide!