I'm looking for a one piece bathing suit. I totally love love love the new Marc Jacobs swimwear but I'm torn. Lover is one of my favorite lines and boy do they have some super options for the poolside. What I like is that they are a muted neutral colour palette with lingerie inspired lace textures. Who doesn't remember the whole underwear as outerwear craze à la Madonna? Bringing it back baby! Plus there are loads of options from high waisted bikinis, super sex kitten one pieces to the classic string bikini for those who don't have a love affair with cheese and deep fried treats (like me... ahem). I've said it before and I'll say it again: Gym time! 

P.S. Check out MJ's sweet-ass bathing beauty suits here.


Anonymous said...

Jody Hearts This Too!!!

Rosa said...

Buy two the black lace and the flower high waist

Reanna said...

I agree! Time to throw out my hideous Speedo. Hello black lace one piece. Uh huh!