Mad World

Amy Ross is a Boston based artist who wanted to know what would happen if a mushroom and woodpecker swapped DNA. Funny, I've also wondered the same thing and it turns out in Amy's world the result is a pretty little drawing. She considers herself a bit of a "mad scientist" creating hybrid creatures in graphite, ink and watercolour on paper which subvert traditional botanical illustrations. They're cute at first, but have a serious undercurrent about manipulating the natural world. Soft on the outside. Hard in the inside. 

Amy is showing at a group exhibition until May 10th at Swarm Gallery in Oakland California... just in case anyone is in the area.


Denise said...

Hi Reanna, thanks for stopping by The Swelle Life! You have a great blog, such wonderful artists. I'll be checking back...x

Reanna said...

Thank you so much Denise! The Swell Life is one of my favorites...