Breakfast Club

My favorite things about Saturday mornings are:
1. Sleeping in
2. Making a good cup of coffee
3. Baking homemade crossants and strawberry waffles

Here is a collection of my weekend mornings over the past month. It's my very own Breakfast Club where I'm Molly RIngwald with homefries (luckily I'm not in detention with Anthony Michael Hall). Don't you wish every morning was like this? Breakfast in bed should be a rule to live by. Hope you all got to sleep in.



Sarah said...

Tasty! These photos are making me hungry! Want to come over and make me some eggs?

Anonymous said...

yum. yum. yum.

You Are My Fave said...

Breakfast food is my fave. That omelet looks super delish.

PS Love your blog. I'm refraining myself from commenting on every little item.

Reanna said...

Thank you x 100!
It means a lot to hear such great support... I'll have to make you a breakfast and Fedex it!

daviel said...

This is truly beautiful, lady. I mean the photos. Well everything, but especially the photos. (Sorry for not commenting directly on your Stepford Wives abilities, but I'd rather focus on your Diane Arbus capacities.)


Reanna said...

Yes, I might be a healthy mix of Stepford and Arbus! Thank you Daviel. xo xo