May Baby

Happy Birthday to me! Time to celebrate. It's Champagne, lemon cupcakes and picnics all weekend long, because there is no such thing as too much Champagne is there? Check out this awesome vintage birthday photo of me and my g-ma back in the day. Man, I've got a great hair cut (thanks mom for sparing me from the strangely popular mullet and mushroom hair styles). Okay, let's go have fun! Drinks on me! 


daviel said...

the beginning of mini best art director in the entire universe.

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday to you... Let's all sing along..Have a great day you desirve it. Mom , Dad and Baba XOXOXO.

Emily said...

the cutessssss lemon drop i know!
happy happy!
sunday park + fuzzie friends + many cheers and giggles.
love you b-day sista


Anonymous said...

too cute!