Today's post is in honor of Mr. M. Jagger, the new addition to team Reanna. Yes the rumors are true, we are proud owners of a new puppy. It's Pug life bitches. To kick off a little dog lovin' have a peek at these insane in the membrane canine speakers by designer Sander Mulder. Described as, "functional kitsch; the wrong becomes the new right" Sander's Woofers are perfect for those with allergies and a good music collection. Okay now would be the time to start singing LilWayne's Man I Miss My Dawgs. 

PS Photos of the puppy are to come. Stay tuned... he's so my new muse.


Sarah said...

Why do I feel like singing who let the dogs out? Hee hee! These are really fun!

Craille said...

Wow! I can totally see you with a pug. What does Turner think?

Reanna said...

Turner is cool with him even though little puggers is still a puppy. They're going to be BFFs in no time :)