Will & Pearl

Will Ferrell says, Have a good weekend. Here's a little something funny to watch: The Landlord. It's the beginning of the month after all and hug your landlord day.

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Monster Mash

"Hi, you've reached the office of Reanna Time. Sorry I missed you're call but leave a message and I'll get back to you as soon as possible."

Dear readers, I'm one busy gal this week. Posts will be a few here and there until my personal assistant/orange monster arrives. I promise exciting and stylish posts to come. Hang tight. xo

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Kitten Soft


Looks like I'm on an animated gif kick. But who could resist kittens? They really are the cutest especially ones in cotton balls. Cuddlesaurus rex.

Here's an oldie, but a goodie: Kittens inspired by kittens. Who could forget that youtube gem? "Brainstorm!"



Today's inspiration comes from Heather Rasmussen's fragile paper sculptures based on shipping container accidents. Crash. Boom. Bang.


Chillin' Like a Villain

This is a combo of easy breezy Sundays. To start the day off right, Adrian and I made our own version of the most delicious yet sinful egg McMiffin followed by a day on îles Ste-Hélène working off its cheesy goodness. We explored the Biodome, checked out wandering moose, dipped in refreshing pools and riffled through vintage Interview magazines. Perfection.

I've got to say, my favorite photo is the one of Mick doing his best Arnold Swartzenager impression (aka Terminator Pug). He's so cool AND he's packing heat. Chillin' like a villain.


Great Danes

And it goes a little something like this...
Reanna: "Why hello Stine Goya, nice to meet you. Let me introduce you to my closet."
Stine: "Oh, I love your teeny tiny closet. Let me jump right in and get comfy."

Based in Copenhagen, Stine Goya is one fine piece of awesome. With such a nice collection it's no wonder the Danes are the happiest people on Earth. Get your fix at Creatures of Comforts. Consider it Prozac for your wardrobe. I'm giddy just thinking about it.


Garden Fresh

I love these fresh plots of land floating in space. It's as if part of them are obscured in a thick grey fog. Hard to believe they're actually oil painting by Montana's Kevin Bell. The first one completely reminds me of sailing through the Gulf Islands on a cold spring day while the last is somehow reminiscent of my grandparents farm. It's interesting how something so simple triggers happy memories...

Spotted on booooooom. Enjoy.


Heat Wave

I think I might be living on the face of the sun. It's so hot here that I'm melting... I could even be on fire. Not sure. So today the photo of the day's theme is hotness squared. Now, who has a pool? Keep calm and enjoy the sunshine.
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Planet Claire

Oh the interweb is so much fun. You can shop for rare designer vintage in Adelaide while chilling out at a Montreal café. It's magic. There is so much good shit on Claire Inc. Run by stylist Belinda Humphris, Claire Inc. doesn't do frumpy retro rejects or rave gear. Hallelujah! And she's inspired by the good things in life like Tuxedo chocolates, Bruce Weber and King Tutankhamun. If it wasn't for the site's gratuitous Zoro hat, which is frankly killing me softly, we'd have perfection. Loads (or should I say heaps) of vintage gems for my stylish gal pals. Okay, let's go shopping already!


Easy Like Sunday Morning

I don't always have time to take photos for fun, but I'd like to start a new post, Easy Like Sunday Morning – a collection of slow Sundays starting with today. I was inspired by my awesome dog Mick after spending the morning with him at the park, camera in tote. Turns out he's a natural model and the champion of taking it easy. So I snapped a few photos of Mickers along with random events throughout the day. Here's the result... keeping it simple, as all Sundays should be.

Mick looking dapper at the park, a marching band practices on St. Viateur, morning stormy skies, breakfast fixings, the nails match the berry, smoothie time, a lazy sunday start with books and magazines, handsome Mick poses for the camera.