Old School

I can't take credit for this post. My dear friend k-rawk, queen of the Panther Moderns, sent me some awesome photos of The Runaways shot by Brad Elterman. Given we are the modern day Joan Jett and Cherie Currie (we're so over Betty and Veronica) I couldn't help but feel inspired to rock out and post these photos.

I love Elterman's vintage photography. He is an original and spent many late nights documenting Hollywood's party scene and emerging musicians back in the day. Lucky guy. Just check out that bad ass photo of Matt Dillon circa 1980 and Joey Ramon hanging out in a parking lot. I may have been born in the seventies, but man do I wish I lived through the seventies. This weekend it's all about feathered hair, cherry bombs and the occasional scissor kick. Awwwe yeah!


Pulp Fiction

Finally food, art and the internet are together at last in one delicious online magazine with all the trimmings (no fake bacon bits here people). Created by photographer and film maker Bon Duke, Pulp magazine is one sexy and entertaining digital destination. Go ahead and watch a 20 minute film about eating cake or see who can devour 8 bananas the fastest. Just don't forget your bib.

+ View Pulp online.


Home Sweet Home


This weekend I took some time to flip through the stack of magazines I picked up while traveling. Surprise, surprise one of my favorites wasn't an indie fashion magazine but a beautifully produced design quarterly.

After spending close to 4 months living out of a suitcase, I'm suddenly on the highway to the domestic zone and loving all 225 pages of Habitus' clean design, furniture and stylish modern homes. Having just published their 7th issue, Habitus is Australia's answer to Dwell without the Unhappy Hipster vibe. Stylistically it has a touch of Monocle in its design and is printed on thick velvety uncoated stock (yum-a-rama). The magazine is editorially focused on Australia, New Zealand and South-East Asia which only makes me want to jump on the first plane headed down under.

+ see Habitus online.


Lazy Sundays

Everybody's working for the weekend. Everybody's want a little romance...

I was recently asked to participate in a collective photography project by blogger superstar Laura of See Hear Say fame. Introducing How's your weekend – a series of lazy sundays submitted by people from across this little globe of ours. Have a sneak peek at how other creative types in Sweden, Melbourne and Hawaii are spending their free time. Now that's it's officially the weekend, better grab your camera and get crackin'. Loverboy is waiting!

PS Check out my first entry here. For my weekend I was lucky enough to be in Melbourne shooting all the crazy numbers and signs around the city. It was, as one reader put it, a Sesame Street moment!


Bright Eyes

I nearly lost my coveted Vuarnet sunglasses the other day. I was convinced I misplaced them so I spent the day looking for the next best thing. Lucky for you I found 3 super awesome sunglass designers just in time for summer.

Calling all sun gods. These sunglasses are out of control awesome with original shapes and colours. Be bold. Throw out your Ray-Bans already. I promise people will worship you in your Karen Walkers.

For the graphic design nerd, try on a pair of Colabs. Designed by artists like Deanne Cheuk, Geoff Mcfetridge and Mike Perry they come with their own unique packaging, case and poster. Get out your Pantone chips.

When I put these sunglasses on I started to sing the theme from The Neverending Story. There is something epic about the Chronicles of Never. They mean business and are best worn when fighting off warlocks and hobbits (or for doing your best impression of designer Denis Gangon).


Up in the Air

Been flying back and fourth in time, taking ferries, seaplanes and more planes. One moment I'm in Melbourne and the next I'm in New York. I feel like a rolling stone – but not in a Keith Richards kinda way. Packing and unpacking. Goodbyes and hellos. The Littlest Hobo was on to something, this vagabond life is for me. But it looks like I'm actually going to be in one place for a wee bit longer. Montreal, let's doooo this.

Images: Reanna Time, Fiction Romance, Hillary the Mammal.


Life Drawing

Coming across Riley Payne's work was truly inspirational. Loving these super detailed and fun pencil sketches – especially the page full of cats and breakfast treats. A-a-a-mazing.

I recently rekindled my love affair with drawing when I found my old sketch books. Back in the day portraits were my thing. I used to draw from Espirt and Benetton ads ripped from my favorite YM and Sassy magazines. Time to draw again, kids. This week I'll hit up the local art supply store and score some charcoal and nice pencils. Let's do this. Fun times.


Milk Bar: Part 2

It was nearing my last day in Sydney and I was relaxing on a seaside dock in Darling harbour. I looked up into the sky and it read STAY. I thought, ohmygod it's a sign from the heavenly gods of surf. Yes, yes, yes! I must stay. But then the sky suddenly said COOL and I knew at that moment I had to make my way to Melbourne.

Melbourne is cool. Period. I said goodbye to the beach and hello to delicious food, drinking and shopping. Not a bad trade, if you ask me. So yet again my daily routine has changed. And it goes a little something like this: Drink 900 cups of coffee (holy heart attack). Eat an amazing breakfast. Tackle Mount Scrambled Eggs. Shop, shop, shop, visit a gallery, shop, cafe, shop, then eat at another mouthwatering cafe. Meet new amazing friends (YEAH for Dean, Simon & the gang) for drinks, dancing and general crazy shenanigans. Detox with incredible Aesop products that are the fountain of youth. Repeat.

Here's a little fact about fabulous Melbourne... people here really like to shop. It's an obsession. So clearly, this city has my heart. Unlike Sydney, Melbourne was built by entrepreneurs and it's metropolis is defined by its awesome arcades, boutiques and markets. Every street, tiny laneway and back alley is filled with millions of cute stores and cafes. Heaven! So what's a girl to do? I don't know, perhaps get a larger credit card limit? I swear if I look outside right this second the message is, YES YOU NEED THOSE SHOES. I couldn't agree more.

Check out Part one: Sydney's Mixed Business here.