Mail Man!

Hey Mr Postman! Dream Sequins' Postcard Project is complete. And ReannaTime made the cut with my dull but strangely cool vintage postcards from the exciting landmarks of Mirabel Airport and Longueuil suburbia (famous for the mullet)*. Whoop! Funny thing is I found them mixed with contemporary cards in an odd Portuguese soccer/religious paraphernalia store on St. Laurent boulevard. Yes, these stores really do exist in Montreal and I am afraid to say the cards have probably been sitting there since 1970. What a find! The project was fun and I got to discover new blogs along the way like a girl and her blog and a daisy chain dream. Yeah for pen pals.

* For those who know Montreal know how retarded it is to get a card from either Mirabel or Longueuil. I mean, really? One is a defunct airport and the other is a suburban wasteland. I'd like to high five the person who somehow got these cards printed and sold. Holy smokes.


It's Business Time

Look away if your under 18 coz it's business time. Okay, you've got to watch this video first and then read the post. I'm not sure I will ever get tried of the Flight of the Conchord's now classic anthem. If that doesn't work then may I suggest singing some funky bass line riffs to get you in the mood.

I recently got my hands on of some serious sexy cool and I’m not talking about the last TLC album. I’m talking about Jacques, the most handsome hot piece of soft erotica to hit newsstands. This fashion-conscious, large format magazine actually has a no-airbrush policy. I know, right? I can't help but think of the amazing vintage magazine VIVA when I flipped through it's pages. It's hard to top VIVA, but Jacques takes the award for the best name. Ever. The 3rd issue is on it's way boasting the cover lines, Fast Cars, Faster Women. I think Billy Ocean was on to something when he said, "Girl, get out of my dreams and into my car."


Breakfast Club

I've got 3 words for you: homemade cinnamon buns. Is there anything better? Um, no. I was feeling rather ambitious and obviously hungry so I made a batch of buns from this recipe. Sweet jebus, they are tasty. To be honest I could have eaten the entire pan. Where is my will power when I need it?

Clearly Adrian and I are back in the breakfast zone. I blame it on spending time in the woods wearing plaid lumberjack shirts and drinking Bud. Its affected my judgement and portion size. So yes, the Breakfast club is back – in full effect.

Cinnamon bun with cream cheese frosting; classic honey Golden Grahams; cheesy scrambled eggs, hash browns, fruit salad, applewood smoked bacon and cheese toast; feta, mushroom and spinach omelette, breakfast sausages with rosemary potatoes; Adrian's country ham hash; 3 cheese and fresh herb frittata, roasted fingerling potatoes, maple baked beans, honey ham and cheesy toast. Huh! No need to eat for the rest of the day, hey? Wowza.


Let it Rain

The forecast for the next four days is rain. Great. This photo is an ode to the endless wet weather. Got to make the best of it. So who wants to go out and dance in the rain?

Image via Daniele Buetti.


Book Club

There is nothing like checking out vintage book covers for a little inspiration. It's always a reliable source when I need a creative boost. Back in the day, designers weren't afraid to really keep it simple and practice restraint in their work. They made it appear so effortless and all without "making the logo bigger". Last night I was checking out a gaggle of retro books and found these 12 books pretty darn groovy. There I said it. Groovy.
Another favorite collection of books are the I Can Read Movies series. Who doesn't love the idea of Sixteen Candles, Teen Wolf and Gremlins illustrated in bold vintage inspired graphics? This isn't the Oprah Book Club kids. This is awesome. Also check out this great collection of Penguin & Pelican classics on flickr. Brilliant!


Summer's End

Autumn is here. Say it ain't so. I'm clinging on to the idea of summer and these 3 flickr finds seem to make the sun last a little longer. I love their dusty rose tones and ultra feminine touch. Pretty sweet, wouldn't you say?




Wowza! Check out these Hyperrealistic oil paintings by NYC artist Ben Weiner. Fur, crystals, hair gel, pearls and science! Weiner's paintings have it all peeps. I mean, really his fur and prism combo is serious business. Where was this guy during the prog rock years? I love this stuff. At first they look abstract, but on a second glance his paintings are often close-ups of everyday objects. They challenge our perspective while making you wish you never threw out that old Yes mix tape. Far out man. Far out.


It's Wild. Wild!

I'm a pretty big fan of Spike Jonze and can't wait to see his newest film Where The Wild Things Are. I was recently spending some quality time on the interwebs and found some blog lovin' at We Love You So. It's a fascinating collection of all the inspiration that have led to Jonze's film. Exciting! Find fun stuff like Giant Robot sketches, Mark Gonzales skating around and Geoff McFetridge hand lettering. Me thinks you'll like it.
Check it out: weloveyouso.com


I'm in the band

I'm such a media whore. There I was, "looking" at the latest Spring/Summer 2010 Collection from Band of Outsiders when all I could pay attention to was Jason Schwartzman's silky, glorious head of hair. Well he often sports their menswear and also appeared in their cute Polaroid campaign so it was no surprise to see him at the event. Yes folks, his hair is incredible. Could Schwartzman be the new Tom Selleck? Think about it.

Scott Sternberg presented a cohesive California Dreamin' collection coupled with Sperry footwear and adorable rolled trousers fit for an afternoon sail. Overall it felt like Malibu Barbie circa 1977 grabbed a sewing machine and went to town (in a good way). I snapped a few shots while trying my best to get little blogger super star Tavi in the frame. Wow, cute overload.

Have a look at the complete collection on style.com. What cha think?


Hot Dog!

Can I just share with you the most incredible New York hot dog ever? Drum roll please... check out the Ditch Dog and it's brother the Sloppy Dog. This is the American version of poutine: mac 'n cheese and sloppy joe smothered hot dogs. Hallelujah, pass the
defibrillator. On one hand I was so happy to finally dig into this cardiac arrest and on the other I kinda wanted to cry from the instant stomach ache. I'm pretty sure if anyone orders and finishes a Ditch Dog, you should get a T-shirt. It's an experience you'll have to try. Do it! I dare you.


Fashion, Fashion, Fashion

Off to New York to get in on a little fashion week fun. Runway reports are on their way.

PS don't you just love this photo? Holy poop! Anna, you're just sooo personable, you make me forget that Karl is actually wearing a silver sequin blazer. I got this hilarious photo via my friend Kemal, a super amazing stylist who just embarked in the world of blogs. I'll be bookmarking it.


Garden of Earthly Delights

PHOTO OF THE DAY A delightful image perfect for a romantic summer day. This one is so calm and pretty. Sigh...


Paper Planes

How much do I love magazines? This ____________ much x100. So when I find a new one, I'm pretty happy. High kicks happy. I recently stumbled upon Paper Planes out of Barcelona. Their debut issue revolves around the theme forever young. Ah, yes who doesn't love that idea or that song? You'll find lovely fashion editorials within it's 215 pages from photographers like Ana de Gregorio. Hello amazing! And the type remains bold using Poster (a derivative of Poster Bodoni) and some handwritten fonts. Bravo. I doubt anyone will be making paper planes out of this glossy.


How to Survive a Bear Attack

: grab the dog, a machete and run like hell.

I'm back from the woods and I still have all my limbs. It was on our last night, around the camp fire, when we heard loud crackles in the bush then the growls and grunts of... black bears! Yikes. I've had my fair share of bear encounters (recalling near death on Black Tusk mountain when a friend left trail mix in our tent only to have a hungry bear smelling us for midnight snacks). But this time they were ready to eat us for reals. One look at Mick, and those bears could see him as a cocktail sausage. Luckily Adrian is a big guy and was able to scare the shit out of them. Although I'm not convinced that the wielding machete was what worked. After a week in the woods we were bonafied lumberjacks. And relaxed beyond belief.

I brought my camera with me and took a few shots to share. The week was all about reading great books. I just got the new Sartorialist paperback and flipped through it's portraits. Lovely. And it was also about listening to new tunes like Daisy, Kitty and Lewis. Love them! Plus let's not forget eating anything and everything that can be barbecued. Now I'm ready to take on Fashion Week. I've got mad skills for fending off wild bears so watch out. High kicks!