Give 'er

This weekend is the closest I will ever get to a Molson Canadian ad in real life. It's hockey's fault. That and the Olympics. Vancouver has turned into a hollering red and white music video for Nickelback and somehow I've found myself in the mix. If you can't beat them, join them and buy some Pabst Blue Ribbon. Here's some Fubar inspired photos to get us all in the spirit. Shotgun.

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I love this image of Betty Autier keepin' it real in her Alexander Wang cat eyes. Meow. Although I couldn't pull them off, I do like the spring collection's more classic shapes – especially the frames with the metallic zipper detail. Hotness. It reminds me that sunglass season is right around the corner. Time to ditch the Wayfarers. Be bold.


Computer Love

I haven't been this excited for a short film in my life. Ever. Spike Jonze's lastest 30 minute piece of magic is a heartbreaking robot love story called I'm Here. The characters are constructed out of relic computer parts (hey is that my old Commodore 64?) and the story line is a stripped down, depressing look at love – ouch. On a positive note you can purchase these cute flip books based on the film at Opening Ceremony. Check them out here. Fun times. Flip books rule! You can also get your hands on a lovely self-titled book filled with more computer love imagery at Nieves. See there is a happy ending. Dry your tears.


Light and Creamy

I made two discoveries today – lace and cake, the lovely blog filled with sweet inspiration and Anna Inghardt's soft whitewashed photography. Both go hand in hand. I love the milky hue in Anna's work – so feminine and charming. Today, enjoy a little eye candy with whipped topping...



I recently purchased a Kate Bingaman-Burt print for a dear friend of mine and now I am obsessed with her daily drawings. Something about fancy french fries and tall ship t-shirts make me smile. Kate can't stop. She's a drawing machine documenting her purchases in cute handmade zines, prints and books (all for sale on her etsy shop). I love her conviction, patience for the mundane and wit. Check out her latest book, Obsessive Consumption: What Did You Buy Today? with 3 years of sundry sketches. $1.99 for a comb, La Rosa tortillas for $2.79, mini ice cube trays for the low price of $3.53...


The Great Escape

The countdown to Australia begins. Yeah, I should be there already but I got caught in an Olympic flurry. What can I say? It's not everyday your hometown hosts the world despite the fact that it has caused a 30 minute line up at Japa Dog (Ice Cube has eaten there 9 times people. It's that deeelicious and worth the wait). I love the excitement, but I had to escape the city's craziness. So in honour of Bruce Dickinson I ran to the hills. Ran for my life. And ran right to the beach. Nothing says Iron Maiden like the beach. Am I right?

I have a new motto: say yes to everything. And I am saying yes to surfing. Yes yes yes! So where does a west coast girl go for the waves? Tofino. I'd like to remind you all that it's February in Canada and I am about to willingly jump into an orca infested ocean. I figured this is perfect prep for my Australian trip but I have to be honest, I am better suited watching surfers then actually surfing. The song Wipe Out has new meaning to me. But just check out how excited I am to even try. Now that's happiness. Whoop!


About a Boy

In honour of Fashion Week I staged a little impromptu photo shoot amongst friends. Keeping things chill, I attempted to capture the lovely light pouring into the apartment. The rain stopped and for a brief second we had sunshine. Brilliant! Here are the results of our afternoon project. I sure do have some handsome guy pals, hey? Yeah life is rough. Thanks to Mick for being my victim and showing up all fresh faced. I've got to say, it's amazing just being creative for the sake of creativity. Have a lovely weekend my fashionistas.


Birds of a Feather

Strike a pose. Work it. That's it. Make love to the camera.
The next time I see a bunch of swans, I am so going to reenact this moment.

Photo via Bliaaaaa


I Want My MTV

Who wears short shorts? I wear short shorts! I could help but squeal when I heard the darling Alexa Chung is lending a fashion savvy hand to J. Crew's companion line, Madewell. Finally. The fall 2010 presentation was held last Monday at the Bowery Hotel. Perhaps you were lucky enough to check it out and rub elbows with Pixie Geldof and Tennessee Thomas? I'm loving the tiny shorts and pleated dresses. Not to mention the brave use of socks AND sandals. Scandalous. It's all super cute, super retro and relaxed. Let's shop online, shall we?

+ spotted on Refinery 29. Thanks for the scoop, kids.


Club Kelly

Fashion Week continues at Reanna Time with a little shout out to fashion illustrators. Meet Kelly Smith and Kelly Thompson two stylish ladies from the Southern Hemisphere creating super sexy sketches. How cool would it be if they illustrated highlights from the fall 2010 shows? Awesome with a capital A. Quick, someone get on it.

A talented Australian fashion illustrator with works published in Vogue Australia, Russh and Dujour Magazine. Check out more of her work here. You've got to love the crazy tiger mask girl. Roar.

I'll show you mine if you show me yours. Introducing the other Kelly from windy Wellington, New Zealand. Creating sultry fashion illustrations and photography for Karen, Yen and Fluro magazine. Have a look at more of her work here.



I'm trading in the Olympics for Fashion Week. Even though I'm a Vancouverite, my true north spirit strong and free has a slightly more stylish inclination. So this week Reanna Time will be devoted to the sport of fashion.

I love these behind the scenes photos by Alec Soth who shot this series simply called Fashion Magazine. Anyone recognize the handsome French Bulldog? Oh yes it's Moujik IV of the late Yves Saint Laurent. He really has the best dog house in the world (although he would be cooler if he had a YSL cape). Alec's photos include lovely portraits of Karl at the Grand Palais, Paul Smith models and peeps chillin' after Chanel's runway show. Let the games begin.


Swan Song

When I was a child my most loved fairy tales were written by Hans Christian Andersen – The Ugly Duckling being one of my favourites. I have a certain affinity to the graceful swan so this afternoon, with my camera in tote, I took some photos of these handsome devils swimming around Lost Lagoon. Hope you all have a wonderful weekend xo


Circus Freak

Oh la la je t'aime Circus and Co. I developed a wee crush on this French clothing line last fall when I basically wanted to jump on a plane to purchase their entire collection. Aaa-mazing. Now that warmer weather is around the corner (or already here), I noticed their spring lookbook is bursting with bold prints and silky fabrics. Looks like I might need to vacation in France again this year. Shopping spree!