Drama Queen

Based in celebrity obsessed LA, Alex Prager photographs beautiful yet vacant women clad in vintage, heavy make-up and wigs. Her photos are incredibly cinematic paying homage to the likes of David Lynch and Hitchcock (with a touch of Cindy Sherman). I love their 1950's sensibility and high drama – very classic yet somehow modern all at once.

+ Check out Alex Prager @ Michael Hoppen gallery, London. Opening June 10. It's the perfect excuse to jump on a plane UK bound. Tea, photos, wigs and crumpets. Jolly good.


Ice Ice Baby

I'm melting. It feels like I'm living on the face of the sun and this photo is the only thing keeping me cool.

+ Photo by Jeremy Snell via Flickr


Hello, Gorgeous

You'd think a flight to Paris would bring you closer to Theurel & Thomas patisseries. Instead you'll need to visit south of the boarder for a taste. Nestled in Mexico's most affluent suburb exists the most beautiful of all macaron shops (sorry Ladurée). So beautiful that their macarons might be too pretty to eat. Could this be a new diet – The Too Pretty To Eat Diet? I'm on board. But first I should take the first flight to San Pedro Garza Garcia and have a bite (or two, or five or ten). Call it research.

+ Interior design and branding by Anagrama. Their site is full of goodies worth checking out.


Fancy Footwork

I love these bright and bold Bill Cosby sweater shoes from Osborn. Get this, all their shoes are handcrafted in a Guatemalan artisan workshop – hence the funkadelic fabrics – in small limited batches. So once you get a pair, you know you'll be that cool kid wearing the cool shoes everyone covets. Make people jealous. Fair trade has never looked so good. Or so jazzy.

Where to find them: Online, Oak (28 Bond Street, NYC), and Alter (109 Franklin Street, Brooklyn).



Enjoy these 3 amazing animations from Anthony Burrill. They're sure to get you either inspired or hypnotized. Happy long weekend.





Giddy Up

New Caesar Pony Treats
Hear ye! Hear ye! Miss Emily has found fabulous new pieces for Caesar Pony. Time traveling around Quebec in her custom CP Delorean, Em has gathered an amazing collection for our Etsy store. Our must-haves are a rad navy jumper, insane palazzo pants and a yellow striped shirt dress (Plus the usual killer heels and purses). New items will be posted throughout the week so check often for updates.

Here are a few pics from behind the scenes. Giddy up!

Four ways to get pumped for a Caesar Pony photo shoot
1. Loads of coffee
We love heart racing caffeine. How fabulous is Emily's cool Danish coffee pot? It makes one strong brew. On y va! (That's French for Let's go).

2. Soviet Army Chorus & Band
Nothing gets a girl more enthusiastic then blaring Iron Curtain anthems. This brings me back to the old country when my family lived in mud huts and drank vodka like water. You know, the good ol' days. All I gotta say is, "Без труда́ не вы́тащишь и ры́бку из пруда́ !".

3. Lilacs
The smell is enough to make you feel like a beautiful lady frolicking through meadows. We're convinced it's sweet scent got Vanessa ready to vogue.

4. Vintage photos of random people
Forget Tyra and the Sears catalogue. The best way to get modeling inspiration is by studying vintage photos. We loved this "bird on shoulder" pose. So dainty.

+ All photos by Reanna Time / Visit Caesar Pony store here.


Monday Meow Mix

I spent the weekend jamming to summer inspired tunes so made a little collection of my favorite dancing pants anthems guaranteed to get your Monday started right. Ever since I left for Australia, I've been listening to a lot of Beach House and booty shaking remixes of bands like The xx and Yacht . I think the combo of warm weather and the beach has influenced my music taste to be non-stop-disco-disco-fun-times. Here comes the sun. Patio lanterns. Get dancing.


Bonnie and Clyde

PHOTO: Brigitte Bardot played by Laetitia Casta and Eric Elmosnino as Serge Gainsbourg. A still from the film, Gainsbourg - Une Vie Héroïque. I love this image. Sexy times. May the weekend be filled with Je t'amie, moi non plus...

+ Check out the original Bonnie and Clyde here.


Bharat is mostly known for documenting contemporary India, but I adore his sensitivity when shooting fashion photography – very cinematic and mysterious.

+ Portfolio here and blog.


Self Portrait

The many faces of Esparist, a young photographer with a love for portraits and root beer lollipops.


Seeing Red

I've been looking for a bust of colour to add to my already exclusive black and grey wardrobe. Sure it's spring and you can't resist to wear a pale and soft palette, but I think there is nothing better than a pop of red. Plus it's an all year round classic so you can't go wrong unless you sport head-to-toe crimson (only appropriate for Santa Claus). Tights, a cute purse, the perfect red shoe or lip... a little goes a long way.

01 Top Shop Red Rio Rio Lipstick
02 Marc Jacobs Heart Compact
03 United Bamboo sandals
04 Cos Red Shorts (mens)
05 APC Red Trench Coat
06 Steven Alan Bodega Clutch


The Original

With illustration titles like Burgers and Muscle Men, Get Over Yourself and Pig Ride to My Afterlife you can't help but wonder what exactly does Sophie Alda's world look like? Well it looks awesome, crazy and rolled into an imaginative bundle of paint. I can't help but love how her characters look like super flexible koala humans. Fun stuff. It's so refreshing to find new and original work.

+ Check out Sophie's work here.


Breakfast Club

I'm stuffed. And completely shocked that I'm not 900 pounds after eating my weight in breakfast treats. Next month I predict a switch to healthy smoothies. But for now I'm still a full-fledged Breakfast Club member. Tell me, what's your favourite breakfast?

The Breakfast Club Menu
Banana walnut pancakes, roasted corn cakes with guacamole and cherry tomato relish, Mexican scrambled eggs served with pickled cactus and fresh avocado, baked raspberry french toast, coconut bread with ricotta, banana, honey and pistachio crumbs and homemade eggs benedict with double smoked bacon. Heaven.