Sleeping would be nice... Today I am dreaming of fluffy duvets and pillows.

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Let's Get Wet

Water, wind and pretty ladies. Bonjour summer. Check out more of Tamara's work here and here.



I'm getting excited for Sofia Coppola's next feature, Somewhere, set at the Chateau Marmont. Bored celebrities, champagne filled hotel corridors AND Sofia's signature picturesque style? Yes! I've got to wait until December for its release, but for now we can still admire "The Dorffster" and watch a little sneak peak. Enjoy.



Let's Hear It For The Boys
Woo the ladies with these handpicked items for the fashionable boy needing a little something-something.

Who: Unis
Why: For the contemporary downtown man who is easy, breezy, Coverboy.

Who: Byredo
Why: With notes of bergamot, start anise and cardamom, this fancy pants fragrance is directly from the editor's desk at Fantastic Man. Need I say more? Smell good.
Where: byredo.com

Who: Nitty Gritty Socks
Why: The new Happy Socks for the hosiery snob within. It's the socks that make the man.

Who: Wings + Horns
Why: Handsome basics made in Canada. Rugged yet soft just like my fellow Canadians. I'm all over their chambray mountain parka. You should be too.


Pretty in Pink

Feeling inspired by the colour pink today.
Images collected from a few of my favourite sites: 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9


Bye-Bye Bogeyman

I was doing some research today and I came across these wicked illustrations that pretty much say it all. If only I had laser eyes to destroy all monsters. Based in Berlin and taking no prisoners, Juju's Delivery has the right idea. And if the laser don't work her Boxerkids will take 'em down. Bambo.

TOP images from Juju's solo exhibition for ROJO@artspace, Barcelona and Milan.
BOTTOM Boxerkids for Colette, Paris.


Shadow Dancing

I'm headed back to the old country where Alexander Kostinskyi is shooting some interesting photos in Kyiv, Ukraine. I could only find two of these fun with silhouette photos but think it would be a-a-a-amazing to see a series of these. Maybe one day, but for now you can find more of Alexander's moody and raw work on Flickr.


Magazine Magazine

I'm diggin' Magazine #54 art directed by Andrew Woodhead, an Australian working in Paris. Of course he's from Melbourne... can the city do no wrong? Nice type. Clean design. C'est bon. I'd love to get my hands on an issue, but for now I am admiring it from my MacBook.

Also check out Andrew's newest handiwork: Double, Ten days in Havana by Juergen Teller. It's possibly better than a minty mojito.



The photo of the day it's pretty foxy. This little dude has attitude to spare. I hope that window is as tasty as it looks (maybe it's made out of Candy?).

+ image via 9gag


Serenity Now

Based in New York, Mitsuko Nagone grew up in a small Japanese town before she high tailed it to Tokyo to study photography. Her work speaks for itself. Check it out here. My favorite image is the monorail surrounded by forest. For some reason it reminds me of Disney's tomorrowland – from the future, but also from the past. If you look closely enough I swear you can see Marty McFly in the second car. It's back to the future, man.


Operation Make Out

First kisses can be both awkwardly romantic or down right cringe worthy. I honestly don't remember mine, but I am sure spin the bottle was involved or I would have been the real life Josie Geller from Never Been Kissed. Yes, Josie Grossie.

Created by Marisa Meltzer and Elizabeth Spiridakis, First Kiss is a fairly new zine full of 50 beginner bisous stories from the likes of Tavi (Style Rookie) and Gavin McInnes (Street Boners: 1714 Hipster Fashion Jokes). Now all the embarrassment and sentiment of your first kiss is commemorated in one nifty zine.


Golden Girl

Wowee zowee! Just found out I won a bright shinny GOLD for art direction at the National Magazine Awards! High kicks and high fives! Crack open the Veuve Clicquot. Drinks on me, bitches. The winning piece was for Party of One in Puerto Rico shot by the super talented Noah Kalina for Jonathan Goldstein's most hilarious travel feature. I've got to say, working on a story with amazing contributors only makes my job easy. Congratulations to the team. I feel like singing Mamma Said Knock You Out... LL Cool J, take it away!

Check out the behind the scenes and interview with Noah here.

PS I'm also glowing at knowing I received an honorable mention for Big Apple Turnover (photography by Chris Buck) and Body Break (photography by Mark Zibert). Love those two photographers – crazy talented.

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Perfect Bound

I've recently been interested in books and the creative ways to bind them. OMFG, I'm not writing about a glossy magazine or an iPad. Not even video... Hard to believe, I know, but just check out these amazing books and their tactile, handmade charm. They're keepin' it real and remind me that the craft of bookmaking is not yet lost. Here are the designers behind these beautiful dust collecting glorious books. Go team.

1. Stepan Prokop / Czech Republic / AR CHKO Kokorinsko
2. Brian Banton / Canada / Quote Book
3. Toan Vu-Huu / France / Archive 01
4. Evelin Kasikov / UK / Book 1 Process
5. Evelin Kasikov / UK / Book 4 Image