Buckle Up

About 10 minutes after Chloe Sevigny debuted her latest line for Opening Ceremony, I swear every one of my fashionable friends emailed me a link to her ridiculously hot shoes. I saw them, drooled a little, became slightly envious, then promptly searched for something similar but just as gorgeous. And look what I found. These buckled up black numbers shove ballerina flats to the curb. They are a bold variation of last summer's gladiator sandal with more shazam! I think I need them. All of them. High kicks.

[Pictured above: F-Troupe, Surface to Air, Dolce Vita]


Claire said...

If this was Facebook, I'd be giving you a thumbs up.

Reanna said...

Knew you'd like this post. It's especially for you, Claire. xo