Happy Halloween

HAPPY HALLOWEEN from Reanna Time and Sir Pugs-a-Lot.
Aren't Pugs the coolest? Hours of entertainment... especially combined
with a sugar high and a rad costume. Spooky scary!

BONUS! Here's a little Bat Man! Bat Man! Awesomeness.


Snap Crackle Pop

Two words come to mind when I look at James Joyce's work: iconic and vibrant. I wonder if the artist and designer was ever inspired by Rainbow Brite? But really, who isn't? For more shiny happy art, check out his online shop and super fun ipad and iphone app. Shazam!


Shop Girl

I went on a wee little Etsy rampage the other night and picked up 2 super fun necklaces. Oops. I stumbled on the shop The Blue Balloon and couldn't resist the raw crystal and turquoise beaded combo pictured above. Isn't it radical? I love its desert witchy vibe. What did we do before online shopping? I mean, really? There's nothing better than shopping in your yoga pants with a glass or pinot noir.


A Little Lina

Five Blondes & One Brunette
I am bias and clearly on team blonde. Which is probably why I'm in love with Lina Scheynius' photography. She's originally from Sweden and living between London and Paris with her 35mm camera in tote. Shooting like a diary entry, Lina's work is so very personal and intimate.

See more on her Flickr.


Eat Me

It's fall. It's cold. No bikini season for months. Time to fatten up with these 3 killer food blogs. Tried and tested, here are my current favourites. Get a bib.


Why / Incredible food photography and extra delicious recipes.
Test Kitchen / You've got to try the Chocolate Guinness Cake.
Bonus / It feels like Gourmet magazine never left.


Why / The best name for a blog ever, plus the recipes are drool worthy.
Test Kitchen / I fell in love with the Nicaraguan quesadilla tacos. You will too.
Bonus / Crazy easy recipes even my dog could make. Well sort of...


Why / So many baked goods, so little time.
Test Kitchen / You've got to try the blueberry beignets because if I could, I would eat my weight in donuts. Who wouldn't?
Bonus / She's Canadian.


Day Tripper

I love discovering self-published projects. Just recently I spotted this zine entitled Trippin' in Frankie Magazine. So what's it all about? Well, Trippin' is designed and produced by Mark Trzopek, a graphic designer based in Sydney. It's a lovely collection of his photography captured over a 2 year period while on the road.

I have to admit, when I first saw the waterslide photo I got all nostalgic for Splashdown Park in "Sunny" Tsawwassen! Ah, to be a kid again... Okay, who wants to go on a road trip? I've got a convertible, so all we need are cute head scarves, good tunes and a map to warm destinations. All aboard!
Buy your own copy here.


Artist & Muse

If you're not fortunate enough to live in one of the 3 cities Locale magazine is available (Montreal/Toronto/Calgary), here's a quick flip through my latest adventure in magazine land.

Featuring photography by Richard Bernardin, Jorge Camarotti and the ever sexy illustrations of Ricardo Fumanal. C'est oh la la.


Back to the Future


This is the animated gif that keep on giving. Over the weekend I discovered a few a-a-a-mazing animations on a super fun blog called Vander Yacht (check it out to see more). I love that they are made from vintage photos. I guess this is what happens when kids today get ahold of photos from yesteryear. I doubt very much Marty McFly would have predicted this kind of mash-up. Sure, we don't have hoverboards, but we have crazy banana animated gifs. Isn't 2010 fun? I want to do this to all my old polaroids.


The Challengers

Personally I'm not giving up on galaxy collages or orderly photos of the contents of my bag. But if I see another graphic designer holding up a poster I might scream. You know what I'm talking about. Design trends. To follow or not to follow? This is the question asked by the team behind, This Year I Will Try Not To, a cheeky newspaper challenging current design clichés. I can only imagine how interesting an exercise it would have been to identify all the visual tricks designers are collectively exploring these days. What a fun idea.

This year I will break the rules and make a newspaper about it while typesetting my findings in placard condensed – certainly not in helvetica. Dang, that has already been done.
Originally spotted on magCulture, an excellent course for all things magazine.


Dead Poets

I am on an amazon.com rush. I just ordered a lovely book called Take Ivya collection of candid photographs documenting Ivy Leaguers from American campuses. I can't wait to get it. You might be thinking, oh this is The Sartorialist's second book right? All those penny loafers without socks is a dead giveaway. Nope. Take Ivy was originally published in Japan in 1965. I know, right? It feels so current. Shot by Teruyoshi Hayashida, the book is a timeless glimpse into the American elite one polo shirt at a time. Damn, I feel like joining the rowing team.

The Romantic

I find myself in a dream world when looking at Madelene Lindqvist's photography. Visit her lovely blog Le Portillon and flickr page filled to the brim with romantic snapshots from her daily life. Her photos are like a tea cozy for your eyes. So soft and warm... enjoy.