Freak Show

Yikes! Check out this great collection of haunted films stills from The Obscure Hollow. I can't watch horror films. Ghost Busters even freaked the poop out of me when logically you'd think I would want to eat the giant marshmallow man instead of running away. So with one eye closed, I reluctantly went through The Obscure Hollow only to find their scary stills are a-m-m-m-azing. Funny that I can find something rather fashionable within all the spine chilling images! Here are a few of my favorites from films like Lady in White and Hush...Hush, Sweet Charlotte. Have a freaky night folks.


Amy Stein

Halloween in Harlem – A beautiful photography series by the ever talented Amy Stein. I hope you all have endless sugar highs this Halloween and don't end up with a bag full of raisins (unless they are chocolate covered).

+ Check out Amy's blog.


David Titlow

This is a short post. I've been on the computer too long and I am afraid I'm going to into a female version of Max Headroom if I don't get off. So I leave you with photos I like and photos that make me want to create beautiful things when not on a computer. Hurray for the London based photographer David Titlow. Thank you for the inspiration.



Sometimes I come across random images I think are interesting and hide them until one day I discover a landfill of inspiration. I'm like an image pack rat. I thought I'd whip out these five lovely photos in preparation for Halloween. I doubt I'll get dolled up this October 31st unless I sport a mask like one of these beautiful disguises. Boo.

I'll do anything for a bag of candy. I remember once dressing up like a "ghost" at the tender age of 16. At the time I'm pretty sure I was already 5' 8" and wore a bra. Yup, I was way too old to be trick or treating and too young to dress up like a nurse or cave woman. But dude, I needed my free candy fix. The sheet I wore (aka the costume) was long enough for me to crouch down to a more acceptable 4' 8" to shamelessly collect my goods. Ah, those were the days! So, are you dressing up for Halloween?

+ Photos are a random selection pinched from the interwebs back in the day. If anyone knows who shot these, let me know.


Richard Colman

Check out this incredible work by Richard Colman. I love the geometric madness, crazy bears and queens inhabiting his imaginative paintings. If you're reading this and you're in Sweden, well hot dog because Mr. Colman's solo exhibition Now Breath is running at the Krets gallery in Malmö. Go go go! And then tell me all about it.


Harvey Faircloth

What happens when 3 New York ladies with connections to Martha Stewart and Kate Spade grab a sewing machine? Harvey Faircloth is what happens. This is fun and classic clothing I'd like to get my hands on. I'm pretty much in love with their beaded necklaces and punches of brights. Pow! But exactly who is Harvey Faircloth? Rumor has it the line is based on an older gentleman one of the ladies met at a wedding. He may have been to space and there is a chance he scaled Everest, but there is no doubt he inspired a beautifully crafted clothing line. Yeah for muses.


Chelsee Ivan

Hold your horses. I stumbled upon someone in Calgary shooting beautiful, artful photography. It's true. No cowboy hats in sight. Awe man, I'm just kidding Calgary. You know I have lots of west coast love to give. But really, have a look at Chelsee Ivan's photography. I love her point of view, simple composition and soft colour palette. She's got style. I'll be keeping an eye on this new talent for shizzle.

+ Find her elsewhere on flickr and chatting about photography on her personal blog.


Gods & Monsters

I love magazines. Especially magazines without words. Check out this new oversized biannual Nobrow. Wait, what? There's no text? Only pretty pictures? Hell yeah! With a limited edition print run of 3000, the magazine is a perfect example of how 2 colours can produce stunning results. Oh the restraint. For their first issue, a fine group of 24 artists and illustrations banded together to interpret this issue's theme Gods and Monsters. My absolute favorite contributors have to be the talented Stuart Kolakovic who designed the cover art and Bjorn Rune Lie. I'm so looking forward to the next installment. Go Team!


Put it all on me

Today's the big day. The latest issue of The Block Magazine is out on newsstands with published still life photography by yours truly. Sweet mamma jamma! The issue is a fashion explosion of superstardom and I'm so honored to be next to the fabulous Guy Aroch. Um, yes master.

This was such a wicked project. I had a blast rummaging through piles of vintage magazines at Marche aux Puces St. Michel and over at Billy's store, Monastiraki. Guys, you'll never believe just how cool Chatelaine was in the 60's. I am so impressed. And I doubt we'll ever find 6 pages devoted the housecoat again. Move over Snuggie. But the best part was styling the accessories to fit them with the existing photography – that and being in the presence of all the delicious Chanel. Yum. High fives to Vanessa for finding some cute pieces and to Swedish Berries for keeping me on a continuous sugar high throughout the shoot. Let's do it again!
PS Check out the rest of the issue in this super fun video. PPS nice nails! Looks like I have competition.


Seeing Triple

These are my three favorite photos seen through a crystal. I don't think that could be any more obscure could it? But behold three different people with three similar visions (albeit multifaceted visions).


Punch Me

I don't usually write techy posts. They are about as rare as me writing about sports and weddings. But when I saw this crazy Punch Camera and was like, "Say what? That's cool!" I remember seeing a fabulous edition of Visionaire magazine a few years ago where its pages were delicate laser cuts similar to the Punch photos. What can I say? I'm a big fan of all things perforated (and things I can punch). What a great way to get out aggression while being creative. It's like Muhammad Ali meets Polaroid.
Read more about the Matty Martin's Punch camera here.


Matériel Girl

I recently discovered a beautifully designed black and white publication called Matériel. Issue one is now available in select stores in New York and Chicago, but you can have a sneak peek online. Matériel is one classy broad of a magazine featuring the works of some fabulous contemporary photographers, illustrators and designers like Fwis, Seripop and Justin Fines. High fives to the team for making a new magazine and making it handsome.


Hide and Seek

Now that it's October, I'm only thinking of 2 things: pumpkin pie and halloween. To be honest, I haven't worn a costume since I dressed up as Madonna a while ago (the pointy bra years)... but this year I'm in the mood to hide and seek. I love these 3 photos found on weird fish. They inspire me to have a little fun this October 31st. Awoool!


I Scream For Ice Cream

I love these wild and crazy album covers from the Berlin design studio Ice Cream For Free™. I'd like to hear the music that goes with these designs. I'm imagining lots of bongos and synthesizers. Perhaps a falsetto chorus line and hand claps.

Loads of fun collages, optics and bold graphics to be found on their site. Check it out.