20 Minute Workout

I need to go to the gym. Since I will obviously have to buy a new Marc by Marc Jacobs swimsuit. If I don't want it to hang in my closet all summer, then I'd better hit the treadmill FAST. Okay so who can recommend a personal trainer? 

Out of the collection, these are my favorite 4. It's probably because I love their giant bows and ruffles (so sweet, so simple). I think I can finally retire the Speedo and go poolside in style. And we all know I usually opt for something that resembles a burlap sack when it comes to swimwear! Thank you Mr. Jacobs. Finally. 

[via refinery29]


Anonymous said...

ooh lala These make me happy!!!! Hurrah for summer time..

Claire said...

We sure will look good hanging out at McCarren Pool Park in these.

Reanna said...

Oh girl... you know it.