Run and Hide

A moment of zen. Or not. Here's to having it your way. And I'm not talking about Burger King. 


Baby Blue

Blue is on my mind. And I have a song for you to listen to while reading this post. It's the prefect soundtrack for spring's best hue: baby blue. Plus it's a classic. Feast your ears on Chilliwack: click here.

If I was a guy I'd go out and by a blue suit immediately. Not some Men's Warehouse navy, boxy suit. But rather something crisp, pale and fitted. I've been inspired by men's wear lately and found some great baby blue items for the ladies. The colour is so fantastic to see after a winter full of black. It's like wearing a perfect sunny day. Here are a few of my favorite picks of the season. Best worn on a blue Monday, of course. 

Pictured Above: Cute A.P.C dress in light denim, Filippa K wedges, adorable shorts by Permanent Vacation, Built By Wendy summer dress, fringe Sass & Bide tank and a bleached jean jacket from Urban.


The Sunday Blues

Sundays are best for chillax time. This morning it was all about making the best blueberry pancakes. I can't think of a better way to fight the Sunday blues. Here's a yummy recipe. xo

Wild Child

In case you live under a mossy rock and haven't seen this yet... well, you must. I insist. Click here to watch the trailer. Spike Jonze = crazy genius. I seriously can't wait to see this move. 


High Voltage

When I was 6 I used to
 own glow in the dark pajamas but now I can have my own glow in the dark magazine. Sweet! Leave it up to V magazine to blow my mind and make their spring 2009 issue double as a night light. The cover features Luke Grimes and Natalia Vodianova (Photographed by Mario Testino). I know what you're thinking ... who cares? My magazine glows man

Natural Selector

I adore Jody Rogac's photography. I've wanted to work with her on a project for a while now. While checking out her online portfolio, I noticed she worked on a very cool magazine called Selector. I managed to get my hands on their premier issue and liked what I saw. C'est beau. Very clean design from the people at Lifetime. 

Times is the new Helvetica

Nice work from Reykjavik-based designer Sveinn Davidsson. Times remixed with illustrated ropes = awesome. 


A Night of a Thousand Stevies

It's 1977. I was either going to be named Bianca after Mick Jagger's now ex-wife or Rhiannon after Fleetwood Mac. Apparently I wasn't exotic enough to be named after Bianca so Reanna it was. As the story goes, when you listen to the song Rhiannon it actually sounds like they are singing Reanna. Hence the different spelling of my name. So rock and roll played a big part in my up bringing and when I heard Fleetwood Mac was coming to Montreal, I had to go. I felt like channeling the 1970's and getting all Gold Dust Woman for the night. Could Stevie Nicks circa 1977 be any cooler? She's got top hats, tambourines, lacy shawls and the best sandpaper voice to make anyone want to yell, "Yes, it's cool to be a mystical gypsy goth!". But hell, why not take some Stevie inspiration when it comes to fashion now? I absolutely love the Australian clothing line Lover. Their 2008 line, Electric Ladyland is still one of my favorite seasons – it's relevant and it's a fresh update of Madame Nick's signature look. I'll for sure be sportin' billowy dresses this spring. A tambourine could double as a bracelet, right? Because thunder only happens when it's raining. Players only love you when they're playing.


Balloons Are The New Black

About a year ago I thought, you know what's the bee's knees? Balloons. I still think they are a beautiful touch in photography. Here are a few images I love. 



Booty Power

One more thing. I'm kinda obsessed with Little Boots right now. It might be her Swiss Miss braids or that she has crazy wolves + crystals on her myspace page. Maybe it's because she makes me want to dance my pants off. 


Lemon Drop

To keep the theme of Spring alive I just had to buy these sweet lemon drop earrings. Don't you just want to eat them? Sugar eyes... on Etsy

Printemps à Montréal

Le printemps est officiellement arrivé. And it's a perfect day to start my Reanna Time blog. Here's a pretty little diptych I took this winter when everyone in Montreal was stuck inside. More fun to come. It's time to play. Outside.