It's a gamble

Nothing makes me want to hit up the Blackjack tables and slot machines more than this lovely and beautifully executed campaign for Gnuf, an online gambling site.

+ Created by Daniel Carlsten a very talented graphic designer & art director based in Stockholm. Go team Scandinavia.


It's a Spectacle

My eyes are dim. I cannot see. I have not brought my specs with me .... I was first introduced to Luke Stephenson on Jen Bekman's 20x200 amazing website. I was lucky enough to pick up one of his canary photos that now sits happily in a little corner by my desk. Besides Luke's awesome bird portraits I've got to give him props for his people wearing spectacles series. Maybe it's because I wear glasses. Maybe it's because they are hilarious. Either way, I think you'll be delighted to discover this photographer's work if you haven't already. Word up!



I heart the Arctic is a cute illustrated book created by Jacqueline Bos. Perhaps this little ditty will make me love those cold winter days coming my way. Have a boo at her esty store to buy the book and more lovely trinkets.

+ Spotted in Frankie Magazine


No Lifeguard on Duty

I'm obsessed with images of empty pools. Actually, I'm obsessed with pools in general. On my weekend walk with the pooch l past by an empty public pool. It makes me think winter is for jerks to see something so lonely and cold. See, I'm a big fan of the summer and spending quality time poolside. Nothing makes me happier except for maybe shopping and chicken mole enchiladas. Oh and lemon cupcakes.

Have a look at American photographer J Bennett Fitts and Japan's Taro Hirano, my two favorite photographers taking a little inspiration from Dogtown and Z-Boys.





Thank god for the southern hemisphere because it's warm somewhere in the world. Certainly not here. I have my Canadian Goose parka out of storage but all I can think about are summer dresses and sandals. Sure we only have 5 months until the city thaws. So why not indulge in Wackerhaus' spring collection now? Leave it to the Danish for delivering a clean collection of womenswear in a beautiful subtle colour palette. Here comes the sun.


Heaven Can Wait

Here's a little Charlotte Gainsbourg and Beck love via a new music video sure to entertain. Directed by Keith Schofield the video features all sorts of kooky characters including a pancake head man, a hot dog baby and some random guy dressed as SpongeBob Square Pants. Nuts! I've always loved Charlotte and can't wait to hear her new album, IRM. You can have a listen here and download some sweet tunes. Like what you hear?

+ This is dedicated to Mr. Daviel for sending me the link and making my day. Yes, this is better than Lady Gaga's new video. (via pitchfork).


Ye Rin Mok

Being next to the Caribbean Sea has inspired me to post these beautiful beach landscapes by Korean photographer Ye Rin Mok. I've come to the conclusion that I'm happiest next to the ocean. Maybe I'm part fish.

As much as I love these photos, I find them cool. They remind me of the time my family and I went to Florida for Christmas and it was freezing. Every morning I would truck to the beach in hopes of catching some rays. Instead I just wound up wind burnt with goose bumps from the chill.

Viva La Mexico

I'm on my way to the Mexican Riviera to do a photography assignment for Fairmont magazine. Yup, loads of photos will be snapped up of Mexican jumping beans, sombreros and nacho libre – all clichés, all the time. No way José! It's only glamor glamor glamor at Reanna Time. Frida, you're my muse! Maybe I'll be able to give you a sneak peek? Wouldn't that be grand. xo



When I was 13 I had to make a wooden spoon in shop class. It took me weeks to carve and I know my mother still has it in her kitchen. She brings it out when making a giant pot of soup or spaghetti sauce because, well, it's massive. It's a spoon on steroids. So I wasn't the delicate wood sculptor I'd hope to be. It's quite the opposite to Nic Webb's hand crafted spoons. I mostly love his images of piles and piles of utensils. They make we want to hunker down this winter and whittle away spoons for all the comfort food I can eat. One spoon for mac and cheese, another for mashed potatoes. mmm... potatoes. No wait, mmm mac and cheese.


National Geographic

Me in rainy Vancouver doing my best impression of Afghan Girl.
Photo by Noah Kalina.


Tree Hugger

I just got back from Vancouver and not a hippie in sight. I was however inspired by the trees. Oh those beautiful green trees... I still maintain that Montreal is more "World Beat" than Vancouver. Exhibit A: The Tam-Tams, but I digress. While hiding from the rain – make that November rain – I ducked into local book store to recharge my design batteries. I must have read a zillion magazines and if memory serves me right, I came across the Korean artist Myoung Ho Lee while flipping through Corduroy magazine. At least I think it was Corduroy (it's a sweet magazine if you don't already know about it).

Got to say, Myoung is one talented photographer. He creates these complex set-ups by suspending a giant backdrop against a single tree. It's hard to tell if it's a painting or a photo. All I know is it's beautiful. Peace bro.


Twin Magazine

I love Twins and I'm not talking about the movie with Danny DeVito and Arnold Schwarzenegger. I'm coveting this beautiful new publication from Becky Smith (of Lula magazine via Vogue). Twin a limited edition print run of only 500 so I'm going to have the act fast to get my paws on it. I hear they have some at Colette, Paris online.

Twin is perhaps more book than magazine, but it's delicious fashion editorials make me drool. And I can't get over the fact that it's hand screen printed and hard covered. Wow. I'm impressed. It's awesome because it brings back the craft of magazine making and peels off the gloss. Nice and raw. They way it should be. And it's no surprise this is the magazine's mantra.

Issue one has some major contributors like Miranda July, Todd Selby and Garance Doré. It's Danny DeVito approved!


Homeward Bound

Looks like I am off to the land of delicious sushi for work le work. See ya later Montreal (and just before it snows). Hello Vancouver and your amazing tuna sashimi, clean ocean air and yoga pants. Homeward bound tomorrow...

+ Photo via we heart it.


Stephen Floyd

At times shocking + Maybe a little sweet + And always amusing = Stephen Floyd's series of drawings. His work is both innocent and inappropriate with a just hint of social commentary about the good old US of A. I like them. They're rad and anyone who draws a badminton birdie is fine in my books.