So it's the long weekend and it's raining outside. Brilliant. To keep from getting cabin fever why not whip up an origami unicorn? Seems simple enough. Okay so you don't have the patience for it. I get it. But if you want to be entertained for more than 5 minutes check out Phillip West's flickr page full of imaginative folded paper creations. He's made everything from Yoda to the abdominal snowman origami. Say what? 

But If you need more instruction then have a peek at This is Origami. I was originally attracted to this project because of the fun package design. Turns out they are empty bags that can be folded into animals (created to support the WWF). One of the bags can be magically turned into a monkey with banana patterned paper. Crazy cute. 

Here's an oldie, but a goodie – a pretty photo of a thousand cranes created for a Red Bull art installation. I just love this photo and the idea of making a zillion hanging cranes. If only I had the time... instead I'll just admire them all until the sun comes out. It should be anytime now. 

1. Folded art by Phillip West (via ffffound)
2. This is Origami designed by Magdalena Czarnecki
3. A thousand cranes. Photo by Coda (via Flickr)


Mary said...

Very clever. You got to love Fugu.

Reanna said...

PS Fugu is: http://www.flickr.com/photos/phillipwest/2905653653/in/set-72157594407321026/

viva b. said...

love the hanging cranes