Sunglasses at Night

I can't seem to find my sunglasses anywhere. This caused a mini panic attack when the sun was finally out in full force over the weekend. I've come to the conclusion that we need to see more than Ray-Ban Wayfarers this summer. Am I right? Hells yeah I'm right. Everyone has been talking about round lenses for the season, but I for one look like John Lennon in drag wearing this shape. Or some Harry Potter want-to-be (or that crazy dude at the local coffee shop, you know who I mean). Anyways, it's just not a good idea. At least not for me. So what will I do besides squint all summer long? I recently found some nice options for the ladies. I'm loving the Annie Hall inspired Diane de Carlo frames and Jeepers Peepers makes cute tortoise shell sunglasses with amber lenses. This season Karen Walker doesn't disappoint. Check out her Trixie and Duper Strength frames or try a pair of Ksubi Bayliss sunglasses at Oak. You won't feel the urge to impersonate Tom Cruise from Risky Business. Yes, you can keep your pants on, but please take off your shades.