Back to the Future

I rented a Delorean from Doc to get to The Enchantment Under The Sea Dance in time. And I ended up in Pittsburgh. I didn't find Marty McFly but I did eat at some amazing vintage diners where the sandwiches were truly the size of my head. The best part of Pittsburgh was working with the amazing Dan Monick (The coolest photographer out of LA with one bad ass beard). 

The entire city is full of neon signs and sports paraphernalia. Shrines to the Steelers in every corner. It's no wonder Andy Warhol high tailed it out of there to put his stake in pop art. I was there for 24 hours and managed to take a few snap shots of this ridiculous city. Now I need to nurse my sandwich hangover.


Erika said...

His Pretty Girl Make Graves photo is one of my Faves. The Roxy Music one. Love it!