Nautical by Nature

 Have you ever wanted to get pirate supplies while supporting a good cause? You're in luck. Head to San Francisco's mission district and straight to 826 Valencia. Founded by Dave Eggers, 826 Valencia is a nonprofit workshop to help children sharpen their creative writing skills. But wait, there is more. Shiver me timbers (sorry, I couldn't help it). The centre has a pirate storefront. Amongst the eyepatches, wooden peg legs and parrot crackers you can score some awesome artwork. Like these super kick ass posters by the people at Office. I've been coveting these for some time now, and thought I would let you all in on the secret. Beards are the new black.    


Anonymous said...

I like these shirts so much I'm going to order two of them "cannons dont sink ships" and "beards are the new black." Thanks for putting this up on your blog.. I follow your entries every day. You have such great style and intersting info everytime I check your site out. Keep up the good work. Mary

Reanna said...

Thanks so much! I'm glad you like them... I have to say I wouldn't mind ordering them all myself! xo