Rainbow Brights

I'm in love with the brightest rainbow colours this spring. It could be a sign that I miss my Vancouver boys (you know who you are and you know what I mean). Or I could be channeling my inner Rainbow Brite. I recently stumbled upon the most beautiful multi-coloured inspiration to give me a red and orange, yellow and green fix. First, check out Idée Multicolr Search LabIt's the shit. Basically the site allows you to surf Flickr through colour. Talk about insane! It just might blow your mind. Give it a try.

Speaking of mind blowing, here are some amazing artist that share a rainbow connection. Have a look at Jen Stark, Jim Lambie + Rebecca Ward. I guarantee these talented artists will brighten your world. They're like getting a fresh box of crayola crayons – super fresh and vivid sans the waxy smell. Get your colour on. 

[Images above (clockwise): Jen Stark, Rebecca Ward, Jim Lambie]