Grey Gardens

Saturday night was the debut of Grey Garden's on HBO and I missed it! Luckily it's playing again this week so I can catch Drew 
Barrymore's creepy but kinda awesome performance. You have to check out the trailer if you haven't already. So, in honor of Big & Little Edie here's a little garden party post (sans the clutter). 

Personally, I can't wait to start my flower garden on my mini fire escape that doubles as a balcony. It's super tiny so I can only get a few flower boxes on it. I've been dreaming about growing herbs and some fresh leafy vegetables but I'm not convinced my thumb is green enough, nor do I have the space. Like me, if a garden is not an option then bring some florals and delicious lettuce greens home another way. These are my favorite green picks to satisfy any penchant for your own not so grey garden. 

1.Steven Alan, Liberty Tuxafari Shirt 2.Dangsworld, Vintage Ivory Rose Earring 3.Tristan Zimmermann, Park Planters Figurines 4.Paul Smith, Mainline Classic Tie 5.20x200, Resting on a Bush by Yijun (Pixy) Liao 6.Keep Shoes, The Homer 7.Lorick, Kelly Green Summer Dress 8.Blithe Gardens, Moss Terrarium


Reanna said...

Anyone catch Grey Garden's? Like it or leave it?