Doorstep Treats

Today I had Coconut Records in my head. "If it's a summer day, with not a cloud insight. Then tell me why, it feels like it might rain..." It inspired me to grab my camera and spend a few hours outside. On my way out the door, wearing my new A.P.C. sneakers of course, I took a quick snapshot of my "Guard Bird" perched outside the front door. I couldn't resist. This little dude was a gift from our neighbour Vanessa who once and while leaves little things on our doorstep like fresh croissants or some red licorice. Hey Vanessa, want to leave a bag of Swedish Berries tomorrow? I have a sweet tooth, what can I say. 


Reanna said...

Umm.. so Vanessa brought me some swedish berries. THANK YOU! xoxo Sweet tooth satisfied.