Adult Swim

There is something in the air. Every spring it happens in the city. People go wild when the temperature goes up. It's like living in a Sean Paul video when the sun comes out. I swear. So, I'm walking down St. Laurent weaving my way around mini dog after mini dog when I'm stopped by a man drunk with the sun, "Darling, your eyes are like 2 swimming pools." This could be the worst pick up line ever. But when the weekend forecast is a high of 26˚C one can't help but have pools on their mind (and patios with sangria). So I don't blame him. 

Speaking of swimming, I just adore Carlo Van de Roer's series on pools. They are so fresh and simple. I see them and i want to jump right in. They're like instant air conditioning. Much of Carlo's work is dominated with images of the ocean and pools as a way to connect with his native New Zealand. If you fancy one of his prints, you can pick one up at 20x200. I just ordered one myself. CANON BALL! 


Anonymous said...

Your absolutley right about the pools and the weather. These shots make me want to get the swim trunks on and grab a tall cold beer and sit in the sun until all I can do is jump in to the cool blue water so I can do it all over again. What fun!!

Reanna said...

Today it's so warm we could jump into a pool. FINALLY!

Anonymous said...

Shades of the Blue Lagoon!