Old School

I can't take credit for this post. My dear friend k-rawk, queen of the Panther Moderns, sent me some awesome photos of The Runaways shot by Brad Elterman. Given we are the modern day Joan Jett and Cherie Currie (we're so over Betty and Veronica) I couldn't help but feel inspired to rock out and post these photos.

I love Elterman's vintage photography. He is an original and spent many late nights documenting Hollywood's party scene and emerging musicians back in the day. Lucky guy. Just check out that bad ass photo of Matt Dillon circa 1980 and Joey Ramon hanging out in a parking lot. I may have been born in the seventies, but man do I wish I lived through the seventies. This weekend it's all about feathered hair, cherry bombs and the occasional scissor kick. Awwwe yeah!


Sarah said...

If anyone could pull off feathered hair, its you. Cool photos. Singing Cherry Bomb now!


Adrian said...

That snap of Mat Dillon is outta control!

Anonymous said...

The 70's were so much better than the 80's. Still some of the 60's hanging around with the hair styles and cool jeans. I love the Runaways, they're real cool. High 5's and scissor kicks right back at you Reanna!


Denise @ Swelle said...

Oh man those photos are awesome. And I have Joan Jett on the brain lately! I loved her. That is the wickedest hair ever. On all of 'em! One of my best memories is this time when I was 11 or 12 and I had been at the mall playing Pac Man. I was walking through the parking lot afterward and saw this truck with a trailer that had a mirrored side for some reason, and there were three guys standing in front of it combing their wickedly feathered hair. Combs that they pulled from their back pockets. What I would give to have a photo of that.

Reanna said...

Denise, you're amazing. That is the best feathered hair story ever! I really wish you had a photo of that scenario. Wowza!