Check out the Beatbox Kitchen, the ghetto blaster meals on wheels complete with a tape deck service window. I spent a few days chasing this small piece of awesome through the streets of Melbourne. You have to rap your order and do the worm if you want extra cheese but it's worth it for a tasty Raph burger with stereo sauce or juicy chicken schnitzel wrap. Holla!

To find where the beatbox is next, follow it on Twitter.


Mary said...

This looks like Transformer meets kitchen. Great idea! Too bad this isn't smell a blog, the burger looks yummy.


JF said...

Rap your order? Loves it!

Reanna said...

I know! I feel so Fresh Prince and Jazzy Jeff! Having a Beatbox burger makes me want to sing "Summertime" all the time. We need one in Montreal. Maybe this will be my new career!