Breakfast Club

I'm stuffed. And completely shocked that I'm not 900 pounds after eating my weight in breakfast treats. Next month I predict a switch to healthy smoothies. But for now I'm still a full-fledged Breakfast Club member. Tell me, what's your favourite breakfast?

The Breakfast Club Menu
Banana walnut pancakes, roasted corn cakes with guacamole and cherry tomato relish, Mexican scrambled eggs served with pickled cactus and fresh avocado, baked raspberry french toast, coconut bread with ricotta, banana, honey and pistachio crumbs and homemade eggs benedict with double smoked bacon. Heaven.


Amanda said...

Oh boy, these are making me drool. Captain Crunch coated French toast is tops with me. Would you make me some?

Anonymous said...

I'm a sucker for the traditional eggs Benny with two rashers of crisp bacon, topped with a poached egg, smothered in fresh home made hollandaise sauce along with a hot smooth cup of cappuccino to wash it all down. That's heaven to me. Now that said... I would love an order of everything in your blog please!!


See Hear Say said...

i love anything with eggs!!

Sarah said...

I could eat only one thing it would be a simple and fresh buttery croissant!

Kristin said...

OMG, it's the middle of the night and I'm now starving. Those pancakes look amazing!

Anu said...

OMG - I want all these breakfasts right now. It looks so delicious!
If I had to choose just one, it would be hard, but I think Blueberry Pancakes would be the MUST HAVE.