Coffee Talk


Sleeping is for jerks. And there is nothing like a good cappuccino, right? I would safety say that Adrian and I went to close to 120 cafés around Sydney and Melbourne in search for Australia's Next Top Cappuccino (ANTC). We clearly need the energy to watch toned surfers and read magazines on the beach. But most importantly we require that extra zip for shopping and eating – life in Oz is so exhausting.

During our caffeine fuelled journey, we've narrowed it down to 7 finalists. Fear not my coffee lovin' friends, I have the ANTC list stronger than a kick to the gut by an unruly kangaroo. And here it goes...


1. Arguably the best coffee in Melbourne head to Degraves Espresso Bar. I ordered an orange poppyseed cake that was so moist and delicious it was my When Harry Met Sally moment. Oooooh baby.

2. For a not too shabby cappuccino in St. Kilda try Il Fornaio. Although Adrian felt it was heavy on the milk, I didn't mind it's mellow taste. For an even better cap try Miss Jackson around the corner. This place rules and the food is yummers too.

3. Oh love is in the air at the Bourke Street Bakery, Sydney. Come for the cappuccino but develop a giant crush on their pastries and breads. I sampled a blushing rhubarb tart and ended up proposing (to the tart of course).

4. Jed's Food Store in beautiful Bondi Beach makes one hell of a breakfast. The coffee is decent, but on the weak side. I recommend devouring something off the Caribbean-Mexican inspired menu and chill the F out. Why? Because there is an even better café around the corner for your caffeine fix (check out #7).

5. Bonjourno! Ah, yes we're in Italy again. Where else can I order a plate of spaghetti with my cappuccino? Pellegrini's Espresso Bar, Melbourne of course. OHMYGOD it's one freakin' strong brew with real fluffy foam. But even better is their watermelon granita. To. Die. For.

6. St. Ali in South Melbourne makes a devine brunch and a good cup of joe. Plus their caps are all fancy pants with elaborate designs with chocolate sprinkles. What's super cool is they roast the beans in the restaurant. I think they might consider themselves the saint of coffee. They mean business and even use an artisanal espresso machine from Seattle called The Slayer – I'm not one to argue.

7. Our favourite cappuccino in Sydney belongs to the charming Gertrude and Alice. Strong and straight to the point their java has that bold caramel flavour we're looking for. I actually experienced a caffeine overdose here so it's got to be good. Right? Wowza.


Mary said...

I'm having a hard time typing thinking about all those great looking Cappuccino's in your blog. I need a caffeine fix right now. Love it Reanna!!


Sarah said...

Yes, yes, yes! I feel the buzz already. Next time I'm in Australia I know where to go. Thanks for sharing.

annelise said...

i can't believe you drank that many cappucinos! i would have died or at least been something akin to motion sick. BUT they are beautiful!

Reanna said...

I was always awake so I never missed a thing.