Milk Bar: Part 2

It was nearing my last day in Sydney and I was relaxing on a seaside dock in Darling harbour. I looked up into the sky and it read STAY. I thought, ohmygod it's a sign from the heavenly gods of surf. Yes, yes, yes! I must stay. But then the sky suddenly said COOL and I knew at that moment I had to make my way to Melbourne.

Melbourne is cool. Period. I said goodbye to the beach and hello to delicious food, drinking and shopping. Not a bad trade, if you ask me. So yet again my daily routine has changed. And it goes a little something like this: Drink 900 cups of coffee (holy heart attack). Eat an amazing breakfast. Tackle Mount Scrambled Eggs. Shop, shop, shop, visit a gallery, shop, cafe, shop, then eat at another mouthwatering cafe. Meet new amazing friends (YEAH for Dean, Simon & the gang) for drinks, dancing and general crazy shenanigans. Detox with incredible Aesop products that are the fountain of youth. Repeat.

Here's a little fact about fabulous Melbourne... people here really like to shop. It's an obsession. So clearly, this city has my heart. Unlike Sydney, Melbourne was built by entrepreneurs and it's metropolis is defined by its awesome arcades, boutiques and markets. Every street, tiny laneway and back alley is filled with millions of cute stores and cafes. Heaven! So what's a girl to do? I don't know, perhaps get a larger credit card limit? I swear if I look outside right this second the message is, YES YOU NEED THOSE SHOES. I couldn't agree more.

Check out Part one: Sydney's Mixed Business here.


annelise said...

j'aime ├ža. beaucoup! stay cool. wise, wise words. i love it! and the jacket... sweet!

Mary said...

Looks like you're having too much fun! You're a pro (at photography AND good times). I think I need to visit Melbourne now that I see how great it is.

Adhawk said...

Daaaaaahhhhhhh!!! This makes me want to go back...now!

Reanna said...

Adhawk, It's hard to have a Gaytime on your own. Let's go back already. Enough of this "gris beige" Canada.

Make it Easy said...

super fun photos!!!!!!!!!