Up in the Air

Been flying back and fourth in time, taking ferries, seaplanes and more planes. One moment I'm in Melbourne and the next I'm in New York. I feel like a rolling stone – but not in a Keith Richards kinda way. Packing and unpacking. Goodbyes and hellos. The Littlest Hobo was on to something, this vagabond life is for me. But it looks like I'm actually going to be in one place for a wee bit longer. Montreal, let's doooo this.

Images: Reanna Time, Fiction Romance, Hillary the Mammal.


Anonymous said...

Boy oh boy talk about bringing back old memories. I haven't seen the Littlest Hobo since I can't remember when. Nothing is finer than to get in a plane to a new exotic destination. What better way to live your life. New adventures and new friends. Two tickets in first class please!


Kristin said...

Can we trade lives for just a moment. I spent the day wrangling a cranky toddler. HA!