Bright Eyes

I nearly lost my coveted Vuarnet sunglasses the other day. I was convinced I misplaced them so I spent the day looking for the next best thing. Lucky for you I found 3 super awesome sunglass designers just in time for summer.

Calling all sun gods. These sunglasses are out of control awesome with original shapes and colours. Be bold. Throw out your Ray-Bans already. I promise people will worship you in your Karen Walkers.

For the graphic design nerd, try on a pair of Colabs. Designed by artists like Deanne Cheuk, Geoff Mcfetridge and Mike Perry they come with their own unique packaging, case and poster. Get out your Pantone chips.

When I put these sunglasses on I started to sing the theme from The Neverending Story. There is something epic about the Chronicles of Never. They mean business and are best worn when fighting off warlocks and hobbits (or for doing your best impression of designer Denis Gangon).


Edward said...

Karen Walker is the shit!
Colab looks really cool - thanks!

Anonymous said...

Your futures so bright you need to wear sunglasses. I love a cool pair of sunglasses they make me feel like a movie star.


Sarah said...

Love the Colabs, especially the Marok Nine One Ones. Even if they're not for ladies.

Reanna said...

My last pair of sunnies were designed for men and they actually looked great on me. Can't let the boys have all the fun! Colabs are super nice. Did you see the wood ones?