Home Sweet Home


This weekend I took some time to flip through the stack of magazines I picked up while traveling. Surprise, surprise one of my favorites wasn't an indie fashion magazine but a beautifully produced design quarterly.

After spending close to 4 months living out of a suitcase, I'm suddenly on the highway to the domestic zone and loving all 225 pages of Habitus' clean design, furniture and stylish modern homes. Having just published their 7th issue, Habitus is Australia's answer to Dwell without the Unhappy Hipster vibe. Stylistically it has a touch of Monocle in its design and is printed on thick velvety uncoated stock (yum-a-rama). The magazine is editorially focused on Australia, New Zealand and South-East Asia which only makes me want to jump on the first plane headed down under.

+ see Habitus online.


Anonymous said...

The designs show cased in Habitus are so clean and pristine, so modern. I love the styles and use of indoor space smoothly transitioning to the outdoors. Fabulous photography, luxurious homes and elegant hotels.


Sarah said...

Nice magazine. Can we get it here? Maybe we should all move to Australia. You might be on to something!!