Who Let the Dogs Out?

Three Perfect Pug Posts

1. What is this extreme cuteness we have here? Spotted on Refinery 29 is this handsome devil, Winston the pug, from Modcloth. A dog has never looked so good in spectacles. Best promo for eyewear!

2. Over at The Swell Life, Denise's Noa Noa post is a Pug's life. Cute clothes and cute dogs = amazing! Clearly Mick should be their next model. His high cheekbones are to die for.

3. Find out which bloggers are really pugs in disguise at Through the Looking Glass as guest writer Blog Goggles reveals our secret identities and her list of ones to watch.

PS Sorry for the lame title referencing an equally lame song. I hope it's not stuck in your head all day. Who? Who? Who let the dogs out! (Oh I'm so evil).


Anonymous said...

I'm not sure but is that the super hero "SUPERPUG" in disguise as Clark Pug the mild mannered reporter wearing those glasses and sleeping with his partner after a hard night of crime fighting???

They are SO cute!!


Adhawk said...

it's a hard pug life for us.

Denise @ Swelle said...

Aw, Mick is awesome!! I'm finding my lips doing that kissy-kissing thing at the screen!