Sometimes I come across random images I think are interesting and hide them until one day I discover a landfill of inspiration. I'm like an image pack rat. I thought I'd whip out these five lovely photos in preparation for Halloween. I doubt I'll get dolled up this October 31st unless I sport a mask like one of these beautiful disguises. Boo.

I'll do anything for a bag of candy. I remember once dressing up like a "ghost" at the tender age of 16. At the time I'm pretty sure I was already 5' 8" and wore a bra. Yup, I was way too old to be trick or treating and too young to dress up like a nurse or cave woman. But dude, I needed my free candy fix. The sheet I wore (aka the costume) was long enough for me to crouch down to a more acceptable 4' 8" to shamelessly collect my goods. Ah, those were the days! So, are you dressing up for Halloween?

+ Photos are a random selection pinched from the interwebs back in the day. If anyone knows who shot these, let me know.


Anonymous said...

Your choice of photos are perfect for Halloween . There's something abouit having a mask on to make you feel anonymous in a crowd. I'll bet you were always excited to get into the costume mode in your Trick or Treat days! Mary

Stacy said...

these are a great collection of photos. trick or treat.

Reanna said...

masks are the new black.