Harvey Faircloth

What happens when 3 New York ladies with connections to Martha Stewart and Kate Spade grab a sewing machine? Harvey Faircloth is what happens. This is fun and classic clothing I'd like to get my hands on. I'm pretty much in love with their beaded necklaces and punches of brights. Pow! But exactly who is Harvey Faircloth? Rumor has it the line is based on an older gentleman one of the ladies met at a wedding. He may have been to space and there is a chance he scaled Everest, but there is no doubt he inspired a beautifully crafted clothing line. Yeah for muses.


Anonymous said...

The styles are very flattering. The designers are free spirited and they give the feeling of fun and functionality with the clothing designs. Mary

Lynda said...

Yes, those necklaces are super great. I think I had some when I was a child. I should dig them out! Fun!

Denise @ Swelle said...

Nicey nicey! Ladylike sans frump. Love the name! I bet he always where's Harris tweed and a hat.