David Titlow

This is a short post. I've been on the computer too long and I am afraid I'm going to into a female version of Max Headroom if I don't get off. So I leave you with photos I like and photos that make me want to create beautiful things when not on a computer. Hurray for the London based photographer David Titlow. Thank you for the inspiration.


Sarah said...

Max Headroom! Hysterical! Got to say I really like David Titlow's work. Hey, is that Alexa Chung?

SeeSaw Designs said...

love love. thanks for visiting our blog and becoming my latest inspiration.
x. raquel

Reanna said...

Awe man! SeeSaw Design is the best blog in town. Thanks for stopping by reannatime :)

Sarah, that is Alexa Chung. Isn't she the cutest?