Freak Show

Yikes! Check out this great collection of haunted films stills from The Obscure Hollow. I can't watch horror films. Ghost Busters even freaked the poop out of me when logically you'd think I would want to eat the giant marshmallow man instead of running away. So with one eye closed, I reluctantly went through The Obscure Hollow only to find their scary stills are a-m-m-m-azing. Funny that I can find something rather fashionable within all the spine chilling images! Here are a few of my favorites from films like Lady in White and Hush...Hush, Sweet Charlotte. Have a freaky night folks.


Anonymous said...

Wow E Wow Wow!! Now that was a blast from the past.. I haven;t seen Boris Karloff , Peter Cushing Vincent Price and the old haunted gang in a long time. I do remember Mr. Sardonicus in my early years as being one of the scariest movies I ever saw .. up until The Exorsist came to the big screen. I actually sat in the dark movie theater and watch the entire movieMr. Sardonicus through my jacket button hole, I was so scared. Thanks again Reanna for conjuring up those oldies but goodies of the Dark Magic and horror of my youth. Happy Halloween!!

Make it Easy said...

happy halloween!
i still want to watch paranormal activity!