Chelsee Ivan

Hold your horses. I stumbled upon someone in Calgary shooting beautiful, artful photography. It's true. No cowboy hats in sight. Awe man, I'm just kidding Calgary. You know I have lots of west coast love to give. But really, have a look at Chelsee Ivan's photography. I love her point of view, simple composition and soft colour palette. She's got style. I'll be keeping an eye on this new talent for shizzle.

+ Find her elsewhere on flickr and chatting about photography on her personal blog.


Anonymous said...

The tones and various textures convey a sense of intrigue. She managed to produce a wonderful dreamy feel Mary.

Mayer said...

Really simple, clean, captavating images.
Very acute sense of lighting - really makes the difference in her images.

Reanna said...

I know, right? Her lighting in the last photo (girl eating an egg) is genius. It makes the shot.

Anonymous said...

Thank you for introducing this photographer. The photos on her site are excellent.