Gods & Monsters

I love magazines. Especially magazines without words. Check out this new oversized biannual Nobrow. Wait, what? There's no text? Only pretty pictures? Hell yeah! With a limited edition print run of 3000, the magazine is a perfect example of how 2 colours can produce stunning results. Oh the restraint. For their first issue, a fine group of 24 artists and illustrations banded together to interpret this issue's theme Gods and Monsters. My absolute favorite contributors have to be the talented Stuart Kolakovic who designed the cover art and Bjorn Rune Lie. I'm so looking forward to the next installment. Go Team!


Anonymous said...

Where was Nobrow when you were a little girl. Nobrow invites you to research and discover very talented illustrators. Mary.

Reanna said...

Yes, if only I had a book like this when I was a child. I think it would have blown my imagination! But it is a fab resource for new and cool talent.

dreamboat said...

a picture says a thousand words already, why add more?!
I'm all for wordless mags. word!

Nobrow said...

Howdy, if any of you folk would like to get updates of our various products and projects (Nobrow 2, out next Month), sign up here:


Thank you for the lovely comments about our magazine :)

Reanna said...

No problem. Nobrow is the shit. There are so many great things on the site.

GO GO GO check it out other rad books like "People I've Never Met & Conversations I've Never Had"