Mail Man!

Hey Mr Postman! Dream Sequins' Postcard Project is complete. And ReannaTime made the cut with my dull but strangely cool vintage postcards from the exciting landmarks of Mirabel Airport and Longueuil suburbia (famous for the mullet)*. Whoop! Funny thing is I found them mixed with contemporary cards in an odd Portuguese soccer/religious paraphernalia store on St. Laurent boulevard. Yes, these stores really do exist in Montreal and I am afraid to say the cards have probably been sitting there since 1970. What a find! The project was fun and I got to discover new blogs along the way like a girl and her blog and a daisy chain dream. Yeah for pen pals.

* For those who know Montreal know how retarded it is to get a card from either Mirabel or Longueuil. I mean, really? One is a defunct airport and the other is a suburban wasteland. I'd like to high five the person who somehow got these cards printed and sold. Holy smokes.


Denise @ Swelle said...

This was so fun, wasn't it? I only got one of the two, plus Deanne's, but I love the idea of connecting with our blogging friends in a tangible way!

Cool cards! ♥

Denise @ Swelle said...

Ha ha! Famous for the mullet! Now that's a claim to fame! I participated as well, what a cool project. It's great to connect in a tangible way with our blogger friends! I only got one of mine plus Deanne's, I wonder if the other one will show.

We should exchange, too!!

Denise ♥

Dream Sequins said...

I loved it! Thank you for participating! Glad you got to meet some cool new bloggers, too.

KSV Woolfoot said...

Hi Reanna -

I guess we have the Swelle Life in common. Denise posted a link here when she gave us both a wee bloggish prize and of course I had to come take a look.

I didn't realize that you were a Montrealer til I saw the references to Mirabel and Longueiul in this post. You better hang onto those as they are sure to be collectors items. Or perhaps you could get a nice tax receipt from the Redpath Museum? Maybe it's time for a new set of Mirabel postcards (I know I flew in there at least once - it's in Ontario, isn't it?, or it just felt like it). And I think the parking lot of the IGA in Longueuil has artistic possiblilities that have gone unremarked.

Anyway - I had a great time poking around here and I will be back. I will put up a link here on my blog if that's OK with you.

Since Age Zero said...

just saw your link on Dream Sequins' post about the postcard project - how fun!

kisses from Mtl - totally know the old Portuguese soccer-ish store on St. Laurent with the cheesy photo of Cristiano Ronaldo on the window.


Reanna said...

Half the fun was discovering these postcards. Big ups to Dream Sequins.

Denise: Yar! Let's exchange! I have a good one I haven't sent yet.

KSV Woolfoot: I'll have to check out the IGA parking lot for sure (if I ever get to Longueuil). Too funny. Happy to "meet" you.

Since Age Zero: Yes, Cristiano Ronaldo's photo is in the window! You know it girl.

daviel said...

cool. really cool. i knew there was something worth checking out in this wacky wacky crazy portuguese store...