Amy Stein

Halloween in Harlem – A beautiful photography series by the ever talented Amy Stein. I hope you all have endless sugar highs this Halloween and don't end up with a bag full of raisins (unless they are chocolate covered).

+ Check out Amy's blog.


Anonymous said...

BOOOOOO!!! Now that's what Halloween is all about. The kids and their costumes. Amy has done a great job with her photos. Have a HAPPY HALOWEEN Reanna.


Make it Easy said...

hello reanna!
thank you for visiting my blog! i will definatley check out that photo website you offered me :-)
you have a great blog!! i love all the great photos and inspirations your post! and thanks for adding me to your link list :)

Reanna said...

Are you kidding Make it Easy is one of my top 5 blogs to read. Everyone should check it out right this second. It's AWESOME. I'm so happy you popped by reanntime and enjoyed the deer beds.

Happy Halloween Mary! Aren't Amy's photo brilliant?

You Are My Fave said...

Love this. Especially the last kid because usually you only see such fuzzy costumes on little babes.

Donut bar = fried pizza dough, sprinkles and icing

Anonymous said...

What magnificent phrase