Killer Keller

The September issues are about to drop. To think, just yesterday we sent our September issue off to print. The funny thing about working in the industry is you kind of find yourself in a time warp. We work at least 3 months ahead of the game so after spending a few months in autumn, I have cooler weather on my mind. In the spirt of that Back to School feeling, here is a little style style style post dedicated to the fall season.
I'm enchanted with the Brooklyn-based line Keller. This is the type of clothing you can throw on, add your own 9 pieces of flair and you're set. I love how the designer Kelly Clark describes her collection as, "clothes to slip on, love, and wear unbothered. Spare without sparing character, they are made to function—then are left alone for the wearer to make her own." Ah yes! It makes heading into fall effortless. I heart it. Check out her blog for kicks.


One cat, two feet and humidity

The photos of the day
Just because we had a few hot days in a row, I felt like finding something that best sums up the humidity. Shot by Portland Oregon's McCall Johnson, here are two lovely photos I came across while sweating to the oldies in my apartment. No complaints.

+ via (un)solved mysteries originally uploaded by youampersandme


Video on Demand

How to get through the week: Lesson One.
Watch three inspiring films from the Dutch team supreme Lernert Engelberts & Sander Plug. Check out their website weloveourwork.com for more clips sure to spark a little creative something-something. Enjoy.

The 90's dance anthem No limit by 2unlimited played with the glass harp. Pure genius.

2. Revenge
The egg vs. champagne. Anticipation has never looked so gorgeous.

3. Chocolate Bunny
How to melt an Easter bunny. A strange mix of melancholy, beauty and the urge to make chocolate fondu.


Jiggery Pokery

The duo Jiggery Pokery look like they have the most fun at work. Can't say I'm not jealous. If I ever needed someone to create a life sized illustration of me, I would so hire these girls. It's like a sugar high colliding with imagination. Zamo!

Creating amazing set designs and larger-than-life illustration, the Jiggery ladies have made some outstanding, innovative creations. Wow. Just check out their insane Football installation created for Nike (middle right). I always feel inspired when I visit their blog and portfolio site. I also appreciate their kooky name and it somehow reminds me of that green plush character Polkaroo from Polka Dot Door. Feel inspired for a Tuesday.


Plum Deal

I feel like singing R. Kelly but changing the lyrics slightly. It goes a little something like this...

"My minds telling me no but my body's telling me yes. Don't see nothin' wrong with eating a whole plum cake to myself." (Just replace Bump + Grind with plum cake and you have a winner).

This is what I did all sunday: bake and eat. And it feels so good. But just look at how crazy delicious that plum cake is. Who wouldn't want to eat every last crumb? A little sugar high will only help the creative juices this week since I've got another magazine headed to print. If you also need a pick me up, then bake this baby now. No regrets, except for maybe having R. Kelly in your head for the rest of the day. Holla.

For the most mind blowing plum upside-down cake click here.


Computer love

Yo kids. I hope you have a fabulous weekend. I'll be spending some QT with the pooch and making what I hope will be a delicious plum cake. Any plans? Here's some reading material from blog land sure to make you laugh and feel inspired. Later skaters.

1. Check out how Chanel does fast food

2. It's a swell life at showstudio's shop

3. Anu Tuominen is inspirational over at seesaw

4. If you're really bored, play on this site

5. Spend some time with Jody's collection of beautiful photography

+ photo by Hannah Whitaker


Sewing Machine

I've got to say, Jane Mount's work really caught my eye. Perhaps it was her glorious rendition of the Black Stallion that stopped me in my tracks. Call it animal magnetism. The first time I noticed her stuff was on 20x200 (a fun watercolour of a bookshelf, a style Jane is more known for). Just recently I discovered her embroidered animal series. I find them darling with the right amount of humor. Like, who doesn't find a crafty portrait of the cloned sheep Dolly hilarious? Check out her Etsy shop with other great bookshelf illustrations. They're pretty great.


Good Hair Day

It's a good hair day. To celebrate, because it's a small miracle, here are some lovely locks. Lather. Rinse. Repeat.


Basket Weaving 101

It's not often that you think of woven leather shoes as sexy. Go ahead and do a google search and you're guaranteed to find a plethora of orthopedic clogs rather than drool worthy heels. Back in the day, I seem to remember my uncle having some Miami Vice slip-ons with an intricate weave. I thought they were pretty darn cool, but it was 1987 (the same year I also thought my hot pink spandex pants were the shit). Funny enough I have come across on some rather sweet shoes of the woven variety. Could be a trend, could be my imagination but I do like these 6 stylish finds. With the summer warming up, a little ventilation is where it's at. Make it a weave, baby.

1. Pink lace-up from Top Shop 2. Tan heals from Anthropology 3. Black heals by Kaylee Tankus 4. Neon green and tan oxfords by Jeffrey Campbell 5. Black sandal with multi-colored strap by Maud 6. Black leather boot by Deena & Ozzy


Been Around The Block

I finally got my hands on the newest issue of The Block magazine featuring photography by yours truly. Yeah for being published! High fives! I not only got to work with my old pal and creative partner Kris from our Butter magazine years, but I also had the opportunity to shoot Mr. James Braithwaite – illustrator super star. It was a double whammy. Bambo! I thought I would show you a few spreads from the magazine plus some extra photos of the shoot. Have a gander folks.

The magazine assignment was to shoot James' house along with a few portraits. Luckily his apartment is full of goodies from the baby Jesus in flower pots to upside down globes and well read books (my personal favorites are the history of Scarborough and Where The Sidewalk Ends). And I got to hang out with their two cats – Mitch "Patio Lantern" and Monty "Burns" while eating a picnic lunch in between shooting. Talk about a big change from art direction. Hmmm... this photography gig is something I could get used to. I feel like watching the film Blow Up and get into character.

Pick up The Block on Canadian new stands pronto. Featuring Lauren Hutton, Glenn O'Brien, Sebastien Tellier and of course James B. Give it up for the team!

PS Hugs and kisses to Emily + James for being so nice and letting me rummage through their house. xo


Steady As She Goes

Even though I have a closet full of clothes, there are many days when I feel like I have nothing to wear. Like today. I wore a rather basic black turtleneck only because it was tucked deep under a pile of laundry (aka clean) and it hadn't been worn since the winter.

But what if I had to wear the same thing everyday? Yes, I might freak out. Kick and scream. Loose my shit. That's not the case for Sheena Matheiken. Check out her Uniform Project, a daily dose of one woman with one dress for one year. That's right, one year. One dress. Everyday. The project started in May by this brave soul to increase awareness for sustainable fashion while raising some cash money for the Akanksha Foundation – an organization dedicated to providing uniforms and funds to underprivileged school kids living in Indian. It's like Slumdog Millionaire meets Susie Bubble. The project is not only a great cause, but it's a fantastic website for browsing. I love seeing all the ways one dress can look so different from day to day with just the right twist.

+ Via Vitamin V


It's Such a Perfect Day


Only 2 days until the weekend officially starts. When can I start singing Loverboy? Everybody's working for the weekend! It doesn't take much to have a perfect day. Give me any sunny Saturday and I am sure to turn it into a fabulous adventure. Sure I might end up just sitting by the beach sleeping or drinking cocktails with my boys, but if I could narrow it down to 5 things to make my day, this is what I'd choose.

1. Read the newest issue of Apartamento magazine and drool over the photography and design. Get inspired to create beautiful things.
2. Dance around to Phoenix's Lisztomania or Whitest Boy Alive's 1517 before meeting friends. Repeat until the wee hours of the morning.
3. Surround myself with all things lemon from tarts, cupcakes to candies. Let's buy a cake from Montreal's Gascogne shall we?
4. Drink at least one glass of bubbly – make it Veuve Clicquot since the orange label somehow makes me very happy. Funny that.
5. Shop for the perfect pair of shoes. Better be black and with a heel. How about something from Jane Aldridge?

What are your top 5 ways to make an ultimate day?


AJ Awesome

A few years ago I picked up a cool book titled Illustration Play. It's an oldie but a goodie and it's where I first discovered AJ Fosik. The second time I came across his work was at a tiny gallery in New York next to an awesome seedy bar called Lit. I was dancing up a storm when I saw a freaky mask AJ styles staring back at me. I swear it growled, but it also could have been the vodka talking. I think AJ's work is amazing and inspiring. Check out this video for more AJ good times.

PS Fecal Face has a fun interview worth checking out.
PPS Thanks to Pam for passing on the cool video link.


Breakfast Club: The France Chapter

So you thought the Breakfast Club would end while I was away? Not the case. While in the land of baked goods, The Club continued overseas. Cool thing is, we didn't have to cook or do the dishes but we might have to add some of these French treats in our weekend repertoire. Cake for breakfast anyone?

1. The first day in Metz, we grabbed a handful of cherries and a sugar coated croissant before spending the day with the relatives. A super sugar zip for a long day catching up. 2. On top of the Alsace mountain castle, Haut Kœnigsbourg, I needed to fight off jet leg with mini expressos. One wasn't enough. How about five? 3. The best brunch on Paris at Le Loir Dans La Theiere. Delicious creamy eggs sent from heaven. 4. Yes, I ate tart for breakfast. In fact I had two pieces but ate the first one so fast I couldn't shoot it in time. It was so good I almost died. Rhubarb tart = love. 5. You can't go wrong with a latté and croissant can you? 6. Double expresso while sitting at a delightful outdoor café where Adrian made friends with our server over his "funny Québécois accent". 7. Sitting at Café des Arts for our 3 euro baguette extravaganza. Bread, bread, bread. Yeah for carbohydrates.