Video on Demand

How to get through the week: Lesson One.
Watch three inspiring films from the Dutch team supreme Lernert Engelberts & Sander Plug. Check out their website weloveourwork.com for more clips sure to spark a little creative something-something. Enjoy.

The 90's dance anthem No limit by 2unlimited played with the glass harp. Pure genius.

2. Revenge
The egg vs. champagne. Anticipation has never looked so gorgeous.

3. Chocolate Bunny
How to melt an Easter bunny. A strange mix of melancholy, beauty and the urge to make chocolate fondu.


Sarah said...

hee hee! 2unlimited has never sounded so ummm... cool! What talent!

Adhawk said...

Damn i love staring at that choco rabbit.
Creepy cool.