Giddy Up

You may have noticed a little link to Etsy appear on Reanna Time recently. Right before I left for France Emily B and I started Caesar Pony – the master of all fashion beasts standing proud in the world of vintage treasures. Awol! With Sofia Coppola and Charlotte Gainsbourg as our style icons, we've handpicked a selection of vintage goods we think are super adorable and timeless. So far it's been a blast shopping for the store and we have a small amount of lovely pieces up and ready to purchase. We have bag loads of treats like an amazing dusty rose corduroy skirt and some sweet leather boots to post in the coming weeks (stay tuned!). If you have any requests just send me and email and I'll keep my eyes peeled for more vintage finds. Because what girl doesn't love ponies and shopping?


Peanut said...

Nice stuff. Way to go Reanna and Emily. Hilarious name!