Been Around The Block

I finally got my hands on the newest issue of The Block magazine featuring photography by yours truly. Yeah for being published! High fives! I not only got to work with my old pal and creative partner Kris from our Butter magazine years, but I also had the opportunity to shoot Mr. James Braithwaite – illustrator super star. It was a double whammy. Bambo! I thought I would show you a few spreads from the magazine plus some extra photos of the shoot. Have a gander folks.

The magazine assignment was to shoot James' house along with a few portraits. Luckily his apartment is full of goodies from the baby Jesus in flower pots to upside down globes and well read books (my personal favorites are the history of Scarborough and Where The Sidewalk Ends). And I got to hang out with their two cats – Mitch "Patio Lantern" and Monty "Burns" while eating a picnic lunch in between shooting. Talk about a big change from art direction. Hmmm... this photography gig is something I could get used to. I feel like watching the film Blow Up and get into character.

Pick up The Block on Canadian new stands pronto. Featuring Lauren Hutton, Glenn O'Brien, Sebastien Tellier and of course James B. Give it up for the team!

PS Hugs and kisses to Emily + James for being so nice and letting me rummage through their house. xo


Adhawk said...

superstar photographer (RE) + superstar superstar (JB) + baby jesus flower pot (JC) = win win scenario.

Anonymous said...

Damn straight! Looks fantastic. Thanks again, Lady Face.

NOAH said...

Dope blog. Mad props to Re-Up and J-Bone. Also, great use of the word "Bambo." And I love those globes! Aaaah... the great land of Saskatoon!

Mary said...

Great photos there Reanna...amd great layout Chris you both still work good together!!! Congrats Mary

daviel said...

holy smokes! i'm totally getting this issue!
yay, congrats rockstar talented girl!
when are we going out for drinks? i feel like we need to catch up soon soon.

Anonymous said...

and i, i, i
I cant find my baby.

Nice work - LOVE it!

dreamboat said...

me a fan

Anonymous said...

Looks so good! Right on lady.

Reanna said...

Thanks guys! xo