It's Such a Perfect Day


Only 2 days until the weekend officially starts. When can I start singing Loverboy? Everybody's working for the weekend! It doesn't take much to have a perfect day. Give me any sunny Saturday and I am sure to turn it into a fabulous adventure. Sure I might end up just sitting by the beach sleeping or drinking cocktails with my boys, but if I could narrow it down to 5 things to make my day, this is what I'd choose.

1. Read the newest issue of Apartamento magazine and drool over the photography and design. Get inspired to create beautiful things.
2. Dance around to Phoenix's Lisztomania or Whitest Boy Alive's 1517 before meeting friends. Repeat until the wee hours of the morning.
3. Surround myself with all things lemon from tarts, cupcakes to candies. Let's buy a cake from Montreal's Gascogne shall we?
4. Drink at least one glass of bubbly – make it Veuve Clicquot since the orange label somehow makes me very happy. Funny that.
5. Shop for the perfect pair of shoes. Better be black and with a heel. How about something from Jane Aldridge?

What are your top 5 ways to make an ultimate day?


Anonymous said...

Having a tall Caesar on happy hour Mary

Sarah said...

Sun. Bike. Picnic. Friends. Simple.

Anonymous said...

I'm glad i spent it with you...Lee

Mary said...

Taking a stroll to sandy Rathtrevor Beach when the tide is out!

Reanna said...

Oh Lou Reed... Oh Eugene! xo